In Other News June 25, 2018


Recently, we heard Professor Eric Larsen admonish those who have become obediently ignorant and comfortable living in a country that continues to wage multiple illegal wars in the name of its citizens, that continues to strip away civil liberties granted by the US Constitution, that continues to build the surveillance panopticon vacuuming up emails, phone calls and personal data of its citizens, that continues to remind you that the repealing of freedoms are necessary for your security and the nation’s security. We are now unconsciously living in this new reality created by an irrelevant government inserting itself, trying to take away the power of the people to help one another.

A distorted media and essentially news blackout has been described as the most single powerful weapon used against the people in the United States. These distortions are also necessary for the positioning of athletes, comicbook characters, musicians, and celebrities as heroes to praise and idolize while whistleblowers, the real heroes have become vilified. Many thoughtful people have pointed out this sick inversion. Among them is our guest Doug Auld.

Guest – Doug Auld is an artist who created his own lexicon of heroes memorialized in oil painting portraits. The project is called Those Who Blew The Whistle: 100 Portraits of Whistleblowers and Informers. Whistleblower is generally defined as a person who informs on a person or organization engaged in an illicit activity. Doug broadens the definition to include informers (not informants) who bring previously unknown and unaccepted information forward.


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In Other News June 18, 2018


The relentless hypnotic effects of the mainstream media continue to entrain minds through falsehoods, repetition and teaching to process information through emotion instead of the intellect. In the last few years, comments came in from listeners who were upset about guests questioning the official story of the attacks on September 11, 2001, the Sandy Hook shooting and the Boston Marathon Bombing. The comments were emotional responses without direct criticism of specific content. Its noteworthy to point out that responses such as horrified and upset, etc, while valid in their own right, don’t address facts and evidence. I suspect reporters could be seen as aiding a potential cover-up when they yield to emotional sensitivity surrounding a shooting event (or any potential false flag event) especially if its wrongly used as a shield to condemn any questioning beyond the official investigation. But as Professor Eric Larsen points out, yielding to this pressure create the serpent songs in American journalism and literature.

The state news reported that on April 15, 2013, two pressure cooker bombs exploded near the Boston Marathon finish line at approximately 2:49PM Eastern. Three people were reported killed and an estimated 264 injured. The bombs exploded about 13 seconds and 210 yards apart, near the finish line on Boylston Street. There were many high definition images of the explosions and aftermath available to the public. Similar to the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown Connecticut, the speculation and alternative theories running counter to the official narrative saturated online media.

Three years later, a detailed 3 hour analysis of the Boston Marathon bombing was posted online. The powerful documentary titled The Boston Unbombing draws from a pictorial record taken almost second by second. It also uses video showing clear detail of devices and techniques normally deployed in disaster simulations. The narrator explores how the event was a carefully coordinated drill presented to all as a genuine terrorist attack. We’re going to hear some of this documentary.

We’ll also hear from the late David McGowen, author of the book Programmed to Kill, and the book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippy Dream. We also hear from past guest Professor Eric Larsen, editor and publisher of The Oliver Arts & Open Press. A novelist and writer, he is the author of A Nation Gone Blind: America in an Age of Simplification and Deceit, and The Skull of Yorick: The Emptiness of American Thinking at a Time of Grave Peril—Studies in the Cover-up of 9/11.

The Boston Unbombing documentary narrator calls the Boston Marathon Bombing a disaster preparedness drill gone live which was carried out by people within various federal and local government agencies that have been involved in running mega-disaster preparedness drills across America for years now. The documentary focuses on the first explosion site near the finish line because of the availability of high quality photographic and video footage. Essentially throughout the whole documentary the explosions are described as pyrotechnic displays. Like many staged events and false flags, a rigorous examination processed through a calm, rational mind can reveal important anomalies. For example, almost 2 hours after the winner crosses the finish line, there is a group of mainstream media cameramen still there eagerly poised. The implication is that they’re in on it. How can that be you ask? Operation Mockingbird is generally defined as a large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that began in the early 1950s attempting to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes.

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In Other News June 11, 2018


We continue to report on the various forms of covert stalking, etheric and electronic attacks. Remember listeners its no accident our landscape, hilltops, water towers, and buildings are festooned with antennas, microwave transmission panels, and drums that can disrupt our bioelectric fields, causing cancer, mood alteration and sleep deprivation. Past guests such as Carissa Conti, Don Croft, Richard Bruce, Robert Guffey and Dr. John Hall, corroborate the use of directed radio frequency, sound and or microwave known as psychotronic weapons to target individuals.

The topic of electronic harassment has bubbled up in to mainstream attention within the last year, yet electronic harassment cases can also be traced back to the KKK during the post slavery era. More recent from that time is documented in the research of attorney Brian Glick who wrote War At Home: Covert Action Against U.S. Activists And What We Can Do About It. In January 1988, news of a secret nationwide FBI campaign against domestic opponents of the U.S. policy in Central America are some of the earliest reports made public.

We’ve talked about the increasing public awareness of high tech covert harassment, especially after the New York Times feature story. Though the journalist or editor shaped the story to portray most of the targeted individuals as mentally ill, the topic must have generated a lot of interest for it to show up on the pages of this major city newspaper.

We’re going to examine details of the gangstalking activity imposed on Josephine Grace that started in Fayetteville Arkansas mid 1995 and continued to 1999. The harassment then picked back up in 2006 and continued to 2016.

Guest – Josephine Grace suspects the covert harassment was triggered by her activism as a freelance journalist and TV reporter in conjunction with a CIA recruiting station located blocks from her home. Josephine has kept meticulous notes in documenting her attacks and police involvement. She joins us today to share her experiences that involved a variety of attacks including street theater, direct energy attacks, torturous sleep deprivation and people wearing invisible suits. If you think invisible suit wearing people should be relegated to the realm of science fiction, we’ll include references to past guest Robert Guffey author of the book Chameleo.

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In Other News June 4, 2018


On this show we’ve covered topics such as the eventual transition to renewable or free energy systems, telluric energy, ley lines, and the deliberate exploitation of this natural realm with guests such as Peter Champoux, Matthew Delooze, Dr. Ross Hamilton and Dr. Carmen Boulter There are threads from these past shows that connect together such as how leylines tend to carry telluric current, electromagnetic energy that effect our glial cells. On the positive side telluric current fuels creativity as discussed in a past show that mapped hidden New York City ley lines. We also discussed an ancient powerful leyline nexus in Washington DC below the Capitol building, but before that was built, it was a sacred meeting location for indigenous tribes. The telluric currents and intersections were essential to early human populations and those energy lines are imbued by the memories of what occurred at those sites.

With this background and context we connect in with the career path of geophysicist Dr. Brandon Brygider who conducted surveys across the continent for oil, coal and geothermal energy. He at one point became part of a geothermal exploration team named Group 7. We’ll also examine his involvement and knowledge of related secret projects such as Project Moondust. His experiences strengthened parallels to the sacred Native American sites and cultures and support his analysis that the land shall conquer all.

Guest – Dr. Brandon Brygider graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in 1978 and in 1980 graduated with Bachelors and Masters degrees in Geophysical Engineering. He’s also a graduate of St John’s Law School with a J.D. in energy and environmental law. Dr. Brygidier practices forensic geophysics and has taught at local universities and Brookhaven National Laboratories.

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In Other News May 28, 2018


We focus in on the diligent complex investigative reporting that examined failed oversight and corporate fraud perpetrated by a multi-billion dollar biotech startup. The company is called Theranos. Its founder was CEO Elizabeth Holmes. In early 2003, Holmes dropped out of Stanford University and created Theranos after patenting an idea to develop portable blood testing machines that use only a single drop of blood. She rose to success and soon became known as the youngest female billionaire. Despite the deals signed with consumer health companies, federal approval, and raving New Yorker and Forbes articles calling Holmes the next Steve Jobs, there were big problems behind the scenes. Theranos blood test technology was exposed as error prone and inaccurate by former employees. Some of the employees fearfully reached out to Wall Street Journal reporter John Carreyrou and he began to investigate. After three and a half years of tenacious reporting, his recently published book Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies In A Silicon Valley Startup now chronicles the hubris and criminal activity that led up to the Theranos crater.

Guest – John Carreyrou is a member of The Wall Street Journal’s investigative reporting team. He joined the Journal in 1999 and has been based in Brussels, Paris and New York for the paper.

Mr. Carreyrou has covered a number of topics at the Journal, ranging from Islamist terrorism when he was on assignment in Europe, to the pharmaceutical industry. In 2015, he won a Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting with several colleagues for a series of articles exposing fraud and abuse in Medicare, the federal health program for the elderly and disabled. Earlier in his career, he was also part of a Journal team that won a Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting for its coverage of corporate scandals. His coverage of the Silicon Valley blood-testing company Theranos has won George Polk, Gerald Loeb and Barlett & Steele awards.



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