In Other News November 22, 2016

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Last week during open phone lines, we talked about the Podesta emails and related pedophile investigations regarding Comet Ping Pong based in Washington DC.

In Other News has produced the highest volume of shows on the topic of geoengineering and weather control than any show on the Pacifica network. Will public and community radio begin to honestly investigate and report on this because its rarely mentioned if it is mentioned, its laced with propaganda.

A few years ago, long time KPFA listener Vivian Warkentin was a guest on this show admonishing public and community radio to take some courage and accurately cover the topic of climate engineering, the harmful fallout, Monsanto and the carbon credit tax scam.

In November of 2014, Vivian Warkentin’s article The Real Inconvenient Truth was published online at the Berkeley Daily Planet.  – Audio of Vivian Warkentin’s article

Now, think about the Paris Climate Accord and the reluctance to factor in this massive weather control operation that works harmoniously with the fossil fuel industry for operations such as heating permafrost for oil exploration or disrupting effective protests with artifically created blizzards and flooding rains.

As you heard in the letter by Vivian Warkentin, when protests start to slow down commerce and-or mega banks absorb losses, operations such as climate engineering that would direct inclimate weather systems over protests in question would be used with plausible deniability. When you look at the patents for this technology you’ll see that weather control are among the many functions. The ionospheric heaters work in conjunction with blanketing the various levels of our atmosphere with powdered metals for either solar radiation management or stratospheric geoengineering as described in white papers and patents, and observed in real time, witnessed, recorded and videos posted online with hundreds of millions of views. Open phones follow.

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In Other News November 14, 2016

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Open lines. This show In Other News has recently returned to Monday nights and if you’ve been tuning in for a few years you may recall that the original format of this show was to take your phone calls with the guest. That’s what we did here on this show. In the last few years, the format has been a whole hour with the guest. Sometimes I get your feedback. There are several regular listeners that I speak with that support this show with ideas and feedback on various guests and topics. This show started in 2010 and there have been a wide range of topics and guests. A main focus has been climate engineering.  In Other News has produced the highest volume of shows on the topic of geoengineering and weather control than any show on the Pacifica network. Another topic that gets heavy criticism and subsequent interference afterward is study of orgone energy as discovered by Wilhelm Reich and the empowering –  practical applications of changing the local etheric energy from Deadly Orgone Radiation to Positive Orgone Energy. The discussion often gets into the nature of etheric parasites, what are they, who are they and how long have they been around? I look at this work as an akido move in adding to the tools available for listeners who are tuned in to this aspect of our environment.  We’ve done several high quality shows with members of including Don Croft, Jeff Miller, Laura Weise or Dooney and Carol Croft.
As you may know, many citizen journalists have been posting their findings on the Podesta emails and the related investigations into coded language used to talk about pedophile related meet ups with children, ritual acts, and other insalubrious details. The cover-up articles in the New York Times and Washington Post speak volumes. In June of 2012,  Nick Bryant author of The Franklin Scandal : A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse and Betrayal, was with me live in studio at 120 Wall St. (Open phone lines follow)

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In Other News October 31, 2016

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Have you noticed the corporate controlled media headlines about the popularity of Satanism, or the proliferation of demon possessed people? For example, one headline reads A 79-year-old Vatican Priest Says He’s Overwhelmed With Exorcism or the BBC article titled, Exorcism In Italy A Job Too Scary For Young Priests or the story titled Satanism And Demonic Possession On the Rise Triggering Emergency, Need More Exorcists. A national movement of After School Satan Clubs are attempting to establish local chapters at public grade schools in US cities such as Atlanta, Detroit, Portland, Ore., Tacoma, Wash., Salt Lake City, Tucson, and Los Angeles. The lurking evil clown epidemic doesn’t seem too out of place.

There’s a long tradition of practicing sorcery, witchcraft, and worshipping the devil. Some of that timeline is distilled in returning guest Harry Hubbard’s recent video. Harry Hubbard is a speed reader, and he’s dug through his collection of rare books, maps and artifacts and produced a video titled Swimming in Practical Kabbalah and in it, Harry looks at the books and information that contribute to Kabbalah knowledge.They include Temunah – Azulit – Zohar – Alchemy – Demons – Folklore – Divination – Magic – Sorcery. His primary research source is the Encyclopedia Judaica.

The Encyclopedia Judaica defines the Kabbalah as the traditional and most commonly used term for the esoteric teachings of Judaism and for Jewish mysticism especially the forms which is assumed in the Middle Ages from the 12th century onward. In its wider sense it signifies all the successive esoteric movements in Judaism that evolved from the end of the period of the Second Temple and became active factors in the history of Israel.

Whats interesting in his two hour presentation is the emphasis on various contradictions such as repeated anonynomity of Kabbalah source books, or the use of magic and sorcery. The detail descriptions of the underworld are intriguing, there are lists of the angels and the demons in charge of the hours of the seven days of the week, or with the demonlogical interpretation of diseases such as epilepsy. A universal weapon against demons is iron. Spirits were thought to live in caves, mountains and under stones which “are cut by iron. Pieces of iron sometimes even a real weapon – a sword or dagger or a simple knife are thus placed in the bed or under the pillow of a woman in confinement and later in the child’s cradle.

Guest – Harry Hubbard is a researcher and collector of rare books, maps and artifacts. We spoke with him in previous interviews about the ancient Egyptian repository in the southern Illinois caves and also on the many maps depicting Atlantis, and the Bargos Islands at the North Pole.

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In Other News October 24, 2016

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This is the second part of the interview with Cynthia Sue Larson, author of Reality Shift: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World. In the first interview we covered some key points within the structures of reality for a quick understanding of how human consciousness changes the physical world. We also talked about how difficult it is to be a perfect observer when human consciousness effects reality. We also addressed ways to recognize reality shifting and compared the similarities with the viral phenemenon known as the Mandela Effect.

In this interview we examine some of the connections with reality shifts and quantum physics technology such as CERN and the D-Wave computer. The European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN laboratories are located at the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva which sits above the large Hadron Collider. The particles are made to collide together at nearly the speed of light, giving physicists insight into the fundamental laws of nature and particle interaction. Could the collisions also effect reality shifts?

In a quick sidebar, returning guest Harry Hubbard, the paradigm smasher posted a video on his youtube channel titled Flying Books. He addresses missing information within the pages of a book he read and kept notes on with page numbers that no longer had the information he wrote down. So the book text changed, his notes stayed the same. Why is this phenomenon partial to certain text? As with the artifacts within quantum physics and conscious observers, has this phenomenon of missing data always happened, and can we attribute certain historic revisions to reality shifts?

Guest – Cynthia Sue Larson, MBA, DD, “The Quantum Optimist,” is the best-selling author of Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, who is endorsed by Dr. Larry Dossey, Fred Alan Wolf, and Stanley Krippner. Cynthia is an intuitive life coach who helps people find love, meaning and prosperity by visualizing and accessing new worlds of possibility. She has a degree in physics from UC Berkeley, an MBA degree, a Doctor of Divinity, and a black belt in Kuk Sool Won. Cynthia hosts “Living the Quantum Dream” on the DreamVisions7 radio network, and has been featured in numerous shows including the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, and BBC. Cynthia Sue Larson’s newest book, “Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity,” describes the science of instantaneous transformation emerging from the convergence of recent research findings in Physics, Biology, and Psychology. Cynthia reminds us to ask in every situation, “How good can it get?” High Energy Money

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In Other News October 11, 2016

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You may have noticed how the corporate owned television, print and internet media has reported on nearly every creepy clown story since the initial reports in North Carolina a few months ago. There were many creepy clown sightings before that but they were sporadic, memorable but sporadic. Soon after reports in North Carolina, 10 sightings of clowns in the South Carolina were seen. Days later a 50-year-old woman told police that four men dressed as clowns followed her home in a black car. One of the men waved at her before driving off. Residents at an apartment complex in Greenville reported seeing clowns lurking in the nearby woods. Another resident told police that she’d been walking home to her apartment around 2:30 a.m., and saw a “large-figured clown with a blinking nose standing under a post light near the garbage dumpster area. According to the report, several children also told the deputy that clowns had approached them behind one of the apartment buildings and tried to lure them into the woods “by displaying large amounts of money.”  In Winston-Salem, North Carolina, residents reportedly saw a clown attempting to entice kids into the woods with treats. Reports of creepy clowns have spread to Pennsylvannia, Kentucky, Alabama, Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska. Yes, a remake of the 1990 Stephen King film is coming to a theater near you but I suspect something else has taken hold beyond viral marketing. Something deep in the collective psyche. We explored the topic of evil clowns last year in depth with Laurie Schapira of the CG Jung Institute in New York, maybe too in depth.

Who knew the creepy clown archetype would sweep the world.

We listen to a past show from August 2015. There are many faces of this archetype throughout history but the “evil clown” has taken center stage in the horror-genre in popular culture. We touched on this with past guest Michael Bala and referenced the Stephen King novel “It.” In one description of the book which featured a demented, murderous clown named Penny- Wise, it reads quote – it did for clowns what Psycho did for showers and what Jaws did for swimming in the ocean. Michael Bala suggested that Pennywise is the expression of repressed desires and fears, the sewers represent the subconscious realm. There’s a deep reservoir of examples and illustrations of the evil clown. It could actually be eclipsing the non-evil clown archetype, I’m not sure.

How did the evil clown genre emerge? Was it side by side from the beginning? Buried in this research is the freemason or shriners connection which has undoubtedly influenced the genre throughout the decades with pins, posters, and tattoos. There’s also the evolution of the dark side of funny, the psychotic homicidal maniacs, or malevolent tricksters and pranksters where the shadow archetype emerges naturally over time processing through the collective consciousness. The clown’s appearance is devilish, with a chalk-white face, bright colored hair and ghoulish large mouth. The scene is often set with slightly out of tune carnival music. A late storm rumbled through the area and now the deserted circus tents are silhouetted on the outskirts of a small New England town. As the wind picks up, you hear the cackling of the evil clown in the distance. Carl Jung was a Swiss psychotherapist and psychiatrist, and the founder of analytical psychology.

In 1917 he wrote in his essay “On the Psychology of the Unconscious” about the personal shadow as the other in us. The negative side of the personality, the sum of all unpleasant qualities we like to hide. It embarrasses or shames us. “Everything with a substance casts a shadow, the ego stands to the shadow as light to shade.” As listeners may know, jesting and clowning is a very ancient art that can be traced through Egypt and medieval Europe. That’s plenty of time for the shadow to develop. Clyde Lewis article Evil Clown Evil.

Guest – Laurie Schapira is a teacher at the C.G. Jung Institute of New York and former president of its board of directors. She’s a filmmaker and author of the Cassandra Complex: Living with Disbelief: A Modern Perspective On Hysteria, she also wrote directed and produced the film titled The Prophecy of the Seeress.

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