In Other News February 18, 2019

On this show we’ve covered topics such as the eventual transition to renewable or free energy systems, telluric energy, ley lines, and the deliberate exploitation of this natural realm with guests such as Peter Champoux, Matthew Delooze, Dr. Ross Hamilton and Dr. Carmen Boulter There are threads from these past shows that connect together such as how leylines tend to carry telluric current, electromagnetic energy that effect our glial cells. On the positive side telluric current fuels creativity as discussed in a past show that mapped hidden New York City ley lines. We also discussed an ancient powerful leyline nexus in Washington DC below the Capitol building, but before that was built, it was a sacred meeting location for indigenous tribes. The telluric currents and intersections were essential to early human populations and those energy lines are imbued by the memories of what occurred at those sites.

With this background and context we connect in with the career path of geophysicist Dr. Brandon Brygider who conducted surveys across the continent for oil, coal and geothermal energy. He at one point became part of a geothermal exploration team named Group 7. We’ll also examine his involvement and knowledge of related secret projects such as Project Moondust. His experiences strengthened parallels to the sacred Native American sites and cultures and support his analysis that the land shall conquer all.

Guest – Dr. Brandon Brygider graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in 1978 and in 1980 graduated with Bachelors and Masters degrees in Geophysical Engineering. He’s also a graduate of St John’s Law School with a J.D. in energy and environmental law. Dr. Brygidier practices forensic geophysics and has taught at local universities and Brookhaven National Laboratories.

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In Other News February 11, 2019



We continue to follow up on gangstalking cases, and in this show we’re going to get an in depth look at a severe case involving psychotronic weapons including voice to skull auditory targeting. You may recall the New York Times article titled Update Microwave Weapons are Prime Suspect In Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers. The reporter described sonic intrusions used on diplomats that could transmit loud booms and words. In recent news, the complaints from the covert harassment and torture program has increased to the point now that the FBI assigned an agent to investigate claims in California.

People reaching out to others for help to stop voice to skull and microwave attacks are usually treated with disdain by friends, colleagues, law enforcement and mental health specialists when describing their situation. What you’re about to hear in this interview can be upsetting.

Our guest is Katie Pieterse and she had a normal life up until she began to work in the auto-industry, that’s when organized stalking crept into her life. Today, what she describes as an incessant psychotronic attack on her body and a stream of synthetic voices continually transmitting to her, keep her daily life from being anything but normal.

To support Katie – her email is – kat21pieterse (at)

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In Other News February 4, 2019


On this show the topic of organized stalking is examined in depth because the cases are known to be at epidemic levels. The effects of gangstalking can cause severe and irreversible harm, and the media often take an easy route of portraying all victims as mentally ill. In several of these cases, there was mention of high technology warfare being deployed. Past guests Josephine Grace and author of the book Chameleo: A Strange but True Story of Invisible Spies, Heroin Addiction, and Homeland Security by Robert Guffey have described how a group of highly skilled individuals utilize advanced camouflage technology such as invisibility suits to harass, attack and injure. There are hundreds of patents filed for invisibility cloaking technology and invisibility detection devices. Among those U.S. patents is Project Chameleo filed by engineer Richard Schowengerdt. He joins us to talk more about the design of his electro-optical camouflage system making objects invisible within the visible spectrum of light.

Richard Schowengerdt served in the Navy, he studied at their school of electronics in San Francisco. From there he went to Japan to set up a communication station for the US Navy. By 1957 he returned to St. Louis Missouri, went to St. Louis University. He worked for McDonnel Aircraft, moved to California in 1961. He was President of the Orange County Engineering Council in 1967, he was branch head of the Navy Metrology Engineering Center in Pomona, he was a Chief Warrent Officer Two with the Naval Reserve, and in 1988 worked with the Defense Contract Management Agency. There are many more accomplishments, he’s since retired in October 2014.

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In Other News January 28, 2019


The digital technology that was designed to meaningfully connect people has created a landscape of passive users who have unwittingly become the product. A recent survey finds that 42% of the time Americans are awake, their eyes are fixated on a television, smartphone, computer, tablet, or other device. Can humans reconnect to their true social nature and reignite visions of their many possible futures or will human dreams be extinguished by artificial intelligence? Our guest award winning author Douglas Rushkoff points out how neuroscientists have confirmed that humans need input from organic three dimensional space in order to establish trusting relationships.

In his newly published book Team Human, Rushkoff says its time to intervene on our own behalf and return to facing each other literally in business, education, diplomacy and romance.

Guest – Douglas Rushkoff is also a media theorist and broadcaster. He hosts the podcast Team Human and has written twenty books including Present Shock, Media Virus, Throwing Rocks At The Google Bus and Siberia. Rushkoff has originated concepts such as viral media and social currency. He is also the leading voice for applying digital media toward social and economic justice.

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In Other News January 21, 2019


On this show, we’ve talked in depth about the idea that most of us are subjugated into a modern slave system but with a vague reference to the power structures using terms such as bankers or elites. Our guest Dr. Sean Hross brings a tighter focus on those terms through his research exposing the world’s most dangerous mafia, the Pharistocracy. He says, we are their slaves, and they rule the world. Their base is Switzerland. According to Sean’s research, the last stronghold of the Templars fell on May 18th, 1291, two months later Switzerland was founded. The Templar treasure was hidden in Switzerland, through which the Swiss banks were founded and all subsequent and future wars financed. Sean Hross also points out that the families currently in places of control within the Swiss banking system’s upper tiers have bloodline connections to ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. Hence Sean’s use of the term Pharistocracy.

Guest – Dr. Sean Hross has been producing hundreds of videos exposing the symbolism, art, monuments, memorials throughout major cities in Europe but you’ll also get rare glimpses into the backyards of mansions. Some of his visual work reveals hidden courtyards festooned with bloodline crests and occultist artwork. As you may have guessed, producing and uploading this level of high quality video exposing the secret Swiss aristocracy and the real connections with the global banking system has come at a high price. Dr. Sean Hross has been a political prisoner in Switzerland, he was tortured while in prison and has been homeless for two years. He does need help currently as you will hear in this interview. You can contact Sean Hross (pronounced Ross) at

YT Channels for Sean Hross:

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