In Other News May 20, 2019

We spoke about the lunar wave with past guest Crrow777 who among others had caught on video something that appears as a wavy horizontal line rippling from bottom to top on the face of the Moon within a few seconds. Crrow also referenced the marginalized work of a Russian researcher named Khatib Alexander Mikhalyovich Hatybov or Hatibow. Although there’s no verification to this research and it could be disinformation, Hatibow had assessed that the Moon is not an illuminated object and argued that the surface is luminous and creates light through the assistance of pyramids on the Moon, the Sun and the Earth. It is indeed easier subscribing to the idea that the Sun’s light waves are reflected off the surface of the Moon. These are lofty concepts supporting the Truman Show effect of an artificial satellite. Additionally, Hatibow wrote about the life affirming influence the Moon has within what he terms the land management supersystem.

Today we look at the relationship the Moon has with the Earth and its waterways with returning guest Peter Champoux. His recently published book Moon Rivers: A Gaiagraphic Exploration of Earth’s Primary Rivers explores through geometry of nature, the Moon’s influence on the Earth’s flowing waters. Gaiagraphy is an emerging science defined as patterned study of the living Earth and Peter Champoux identifies how the successful cultures of the past used this geometry in nature within the construction and layout of their communities to nest. Peter writes, moon rings ’round moon rivers impart a unified vision reflected in Earth’s flowing waters, returning its liquid light to its sun-sourced beginnings. From deep underground to celestial orbs, water manifests body and spirit – an Earth spirit. This 65 page book builds on Peter’s earlier book titled Gaia Matrix: Geometries of Destiny in the North American Landscape and identifies the Moon Rivers such as the Nile River, the Congo, the Ganges and more that all share common dimensions.

Guest – Peter Champoux is a gaiagrapher (maps the living Earth) and Earth-Keeper. His work brings the individual and community into relationship with our living planet. Discoverer of Earth Rings, he is a leading researcher in the field phenomena of ley lines, earth grids, and natures geometries of scale. Since the 1990s, Peter has turned his originally simple geographic observations into the evolving spriitual art and science of what he terms Gaiagraphy: the patterns of our living, sentient Earth in alignment with each person’s unique path through life. Internationally known as an authority on earth grids, Peter writes on nature’s pattern language; maps, gaiagraphic studies for people, place and purpose. Rebroadcast from January 1, 2016

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In Other News May 13, 2019

When we discussed the ley lines of New York City, it was based on Peter Champoux’s work. He took some time to map out and identifying specific energy lines based around the landscape such as rivers, roads and natural corridors. Peter located the nexxus near the Statue of Liberty, an area where the ley line energies radiate out from a single point of focus. A topic that past guest Matthew Delooze referenced also. Author Nicholas Mann joins us now to discuss his book The Sacred Geometry of Washington DC. Nicholas examines the original maps of the American capitol city. After the War of Independence, the layout was initially designed using Golden Section geometry and the pentacles were based on the flower of life.

However, the early harmonious geometric ratio of the layout based on the Golden Section was later distorted. The changes caused bitter conflicts amid freemasons and the original designer. Our guest Nicholas Mann is the author of many books on geomancy, mythology and sacred geometry. He’s written about other locations such as Glastonbury, England and Sedona, Arizona, his website is This show originally aired April 30, 2012.

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In Other News May 6, 2019


We take a look into a case involving a long term gang stalking situation. Our guest is Sandra Cardoso who was born in a Portuguese colony in the coastal city of Lobito, Angola in Africa. For a number of reasons she fled Lobito with her family to Portugal. Sandra was an outcast within her family. She lived there for about a decade and moved to Holland in her late teens. That’s when as she explains how she found herself on the radar of the local police who with municipal employees, networked and set an organized stalking campaign against her. This lasted for many years but it had taken her just as long to connect the dots.

I received an email from Sandra explaining her story. She listened to Sean Hross’ interview and she thought, hey this happened me and I need to get this information out. She survived being thrown out of a second floor window and other attempts on her life. Sandra is now living in Portugal, however she is homeless, without her son.

In a quick aside, there are several films that clearly portray or fictionalize organized stalking such as the Truman Show, The Adjustment Bureau, Ultrasonic, Control Factor and Earthkiller. There many more, others include A Scanner Darkly and Gamer that reference nanotechnology and handlers. These movies are from nearly 10 years ago, and part of a campaign to invert and condition minds into thinking this is only relegated to dystopian fiction.

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In Other News April 29, 2019

We listen to interviews with the late Don Croft who with Carol Croft started the site EthericWarriors. In one interview Don said “If you look at the way the world is being run right now, their currency is negative energy. Orgonite transmutes negative energy into positive energy. Their currency is literally dead and they spread sickness and hopelessness, and mayhem where ever they can. They’ve done it for a long time. So, orgonite undermines their infrastructure. If you distribute this stuff, it makes it harder and harder for them to do their work.” Regarding gangstalkers, Don Croft had said, “We walk up to them and confront ’em. They can’t stand that. They’re terribly afraid of us, of everybody, the human race. They’re the enemy. They’re the parasites, we’re the host.” These are important reminders of the energy dynamic in this reality, especially if you’re involved in exposing it.

As humans, we’re alive during a part of the Industrial Age where our natural world is now being artificially simulated and then sold back to the pajama people as convenient and secure. Trans human, robotics, artificial intelligence, artificial weather, 5G and subsequent self driving cars. There is no authentic demand for any of this, and so its being forced onto society wearing many disguises including environmentally mindful, trendy or the progress of technical evolution.

Don Croft has left a legacy of inspiration for people to learn about how to experiment with orgonite for themselves.

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In Other News April 22, 2019

Among the many ecological challenges faced on planet Earth, climate engineering, real time aerosol operations and the manipulation of the jet stream rank as the most horrendous operations known to date. Operations so deceptive and diabolical, many protect themselves from learning more and remain in disbelief while they’re aggressively deployed night and day in plain sight. However, sinister operations at this magnitude couldn’t happen without a network of compliant people behind the scenes from so called environmental groups, pentagon generals, propaganda media, NASA scientists, university professors to TV meteorologists under gag orders.

For many years on this show guests have sounded the alarm about the many facets of real time climate engineering conducted without public input or consent, deployed in silence and under a false pretense of national security. We’ve also discussed how real time, mass scale geoengineering is the elephant in the room regarding the topic of climate change. A reality very few climate change activists are willing to acknowledge, learn about and contextualize into their actions.

In Other News has brought more voices to the airwaves speaking on the topic of climate engineering than any other radio show the Pacifica network. We listen to those voices who have fought valiantly to educated a heavily propagandized public.

We begin with Rosalind Peterson. In 2005, I traveled to San Jose to attend a public meeting of scientists discussing geoengineering. I contacted the late Rosalind Peterson who, with the late Bridget Conroy founded the Agriculturedefensecoalition site. We met for a live interview on the terrace of Hotel California. She explains her experiences learning about the aerosol operations in 2002.

As Rosalind Peterson found, everything wasn’t ok. Rosalind’s focus was on the effects of climate engineering on agriculture, the disruption of the natural hydrological cycle through climate engineering and the raining out of dangerous soft metals from the aerosol operations into the soil and water. Another lynchpin in this nefarious plan for total domination and control of the food supply.

Rosalind Peterson is among many brave individuals who fought against an artificial and well funded perception management campaign and succeeded. In this next hour, we hear from a select group of past guests

Dane Wigington with
Dr. Paul Beckwith – climate scientist in Ottawa, Canada
Professor Doug MacMartin – MIT Scientist
Rosalind Peterson – Researcher –
Cindy Pikoulas – Research on geoengineering
Dr. J Marvin Herndon – Nuclear Chemist – CoalFlyAsh
Patrick Roddie –
Wanda Allen – Citizen Journalist – Geoengineering
WBAI callers

Though many in the public domain are educated about this topic and know with conviction there are operations being conducted in real time that are engineering the climate, others remain on the fence, and millions are in disbelief.

It’s critical to remind listeners that programs such as solar radiation management are being conducted in real time, right now. You may have noticed the aircraft releasing aerosol in the skies over New York City the past few days, that’s a geoengineering program. These operations are done in secret yet in plain sight. You could look at many deceptive tactics such as lying by omission, sock puppet TV meteorologists who call the trails high cirrus clouds, normalizing the visual effects of the operations to children by embedding unnatural skies into animation films, the list goes on.

In the opinion of some of the top researchers into climate engineering, geoengineering programs have been deployed in real time for the last 25 years.

Many now realize we’re living in a human stockyard, a controlled backwater of evolution as our overlords move the goal posts when backed into corners with rational arguments and observation. As you hear the shrill cries and caterwauls for a Green New Deal, pay close attention to who is behind the green mask, as author Rosa Koire expertly revealed, its a long game agenda, the United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century, and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development launched by a UN Summit in New York September 2015. Those agendas are pushing people into cities, stack and pack housing with smart appliances, not unlike the experiment in Toronto called Sidewalk Labs. A community now known to abandon privacy protection for its new residents.

WATCH Video Version Here.

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