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In recent shows, we’ve talked about the increasing public awareness of gangstalking, especially after the New York Times feature story. Though the journalist or editor shaped the story to portray basically all gangstalking victims as mentally ill, the topic must have generated a lot of interest for it to show up on the pages of this major city newspaper. Moreover, in context, its important to keep in mind that worldwide, apartment buildings, hilltops, mountaintops, schools, water towers, steeples, hospitals are now affixed with antennas, drums and panels broadcasting microwave transmission that effect our biological fields. The EMF or electromagnetic frequencies and ELF extra low frequencies effects include cancer, mood alteration, and sleep deprivation.

In addition to this EMF infrastructure, psychotronic weapons and voice to skull technology, there is a vast army of predatory and deranged psychics within the intelligence agencies in various countries and within freemason cults says Don Croft who runs ethericwarriors.com. The human brain and other biological functions operate within particular frequencies. If the frequencies in an environment are specifically changed to induce a certain behavior, you can imagine what might happen with this technology in the wrong hands.

Guest – Laura Weise who is an energy worker living in Montana. For the last 10 years, Laura has helped people with  remote healings, chakra tune ups, cord and entity removals. Its a unique skill set that empowers clients to fend off electronic harassment attacks and establish protection. She lives in Montana with her husband Steve O and is good friends with Don and Carol Croft. Website – DonebyDooney