In one of last week’s Democracy Now shows, they covered the topic of geoengineering in the context of the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. I mention this because of the general lack of critical reporting about real time weather control and geoengineering on Pacifica Radio. Instead of delivering quality reporting based on analysis of past independent coverage to advance the narrative of illegal climate engineering, the topic is treated as if prior critical research never existed. Its as if the research and evidence brought forth by hundreds of skywatch groups across the United States and Canada didn’t happen, or as if the work of those who devoted their lives to bringing awareness on this topic never existed such as the late Bridget Conroy, Rosalind Peterson, Dr. Perlingieri, and many others.

Instead listeners are presented with a news format produced in the vacuum of a controlled environment with a false debate set up involving a board member of the ETC group and David Keith a professor at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. I would like to remind you that David Keith has made a career in the last 15 years selling the idea that if climate engineering operations were deployed, which include spraying powdered aluminum from aircraft into the atmosphere, it would be an inexpensive way to buy more time before a global climate change related catastrophe occurred. I call this a false debate because the truth is that the glaring issue of admitted ongoing climate engineering was not mentioned. Real time weather control operations alter climate and evidence has been presented that it contributes to the warming of the planet. Another issue is that in the introduction to the false debate, the Democracy Now host identifies David Keith as an environmental activist.

For more than a decade, David Keith has been propped up as a front man to push for spraying powdered metals into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight away from the planet to reduce warming of the planet. This operation is also known as solar radiation management. The truth is, that on this show the evidence has been produced that a massive program is deployed in real time manipulating climate. By not factoring this ongoing weather engineering operation into the climate change equation is deceiving listeners.

This lie by omission is part of the organized deception against you, the listener. Calling David Keith an environmental activist is like saying the Vatican doesn’t have a child rape crisis. My guess is that David Keith is paid to cause double think and confusion while the upwelling of businesses likely backed by In-Q-Tel (government venture capitalist) are developing the weather control industry and network. But it needs to be brought out from the illegal underground to be sold to the public for legitimate government funding projects.