Have you noticed the corporate controlled media headlines about the popularity of Satanism, or the proliferation of demon possessed people? For example, one headline reads A 79-year-old Vatican Priest Says He’s Overwhelmed With Exorcism or the BBC article titled, Exorcism In Italy A Job Too Scary For Young Priests or the story titled Satanism And Demonic Possession On the Rise Triggering Emergency, Need More Exorcists. A national movement of After School Satan Clubs are attempting to establish local chapters at public grade schools in US cities such as Atlanta, Detroit, Portland, Ore., Tacoma, Wash., Salt Lake City, Tucson, and Los Angeles.

There’s a long tradition of practicing sorcery, witchcraft, and devil worship. Some of that timeline is distilled in returning guest Harry Hubbard’s recent video. Harry Hubbard is a speed reader, and he’s dug through his collection of rare books, maps and artifacts and produced a video titled Swimming in Practical Kabbalah and in it, Harry looks at the books and information that contribute to Kabbalah knowledge. They include Temunah – Azulit – Zohar – Alchemy – Demons – Folklore – Divination – Magic – Sorcery. His primary research source is the Encyclopedia Judaica.

The Encyclopedia Judaica defines the Kabbalah as the traditional and most commonly used term for the esoteric teachings of Judaism and for Jewish mysticism especially the forms which is assumed in the Middle Ages from the 12th century onward. In its wider sense it signifies all the successive esoteric movements in Judaism that evolved from the end of the period of the Second Temple and became active factors in the history of Israel.

Whats interesting in his two hour presentation is the emphasis on various contradictions such as repeated anonynomity of Kabbalah source books, or the use of magic and sorcery. The detail descriptions of the underworld are intriguing, there are lists of the angels and the demons in charge of the hours of the seven days of the week, or with the demonlogical interpretation of diseases such as epilepsy. A universal weapon against demons is iron. Spirits were thought to live in caves, mountains and under stones which “are cut by iron. Pieces of iron sometimes even a real weapon – a sword or dagger or a simple knife are thus placed in the bed or under the pillow of a woman in confinement and later in the child’s cradle.

Guest – Harry Hubbard is a researcher and collector of rare books, maps and artifacts. We spoke with him in previous interviews about the ancient Egyptian repository in the southern Illinois caves and also on the many maps depicting Atlantis, and the Bargos Islands at the North Pole.