In our past discussions with author and leyline expert Peter Champoux we talked about the power in where two leylines cross each other and that sometimes its known to be a places of vortex energies. Today, these ancient crossroads are often the location for stadiums, schools, corporate headquarters, museums, military monuments and concealed obelisks. This is a narrow window into the vast territory covered in Peter Champoux’s book Gaia Matrix: Arkhom and the Geometries of Destiny in the North American Landscape. In his recent article titled Healing the World Pyramid, Peter identifies the center of the world’s landmass located at the site of the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

He references a St. Petersburg University study that concluded how the Great Pyramid serves as an electromagnetic lens focusing the force generated by the Sun and Earth on its internal chambers and limestone substrate.  Peter had also chronicled historic events, most of them violent, as he traveled along the trajectories extending from each Great Pyramid corner. He writes – The purpose of this article is to examine the patterns emanating from this ‘fire in the middle’ and report on what I see.

Guest – Peter Champoux is also the author of the book Moon Rivers: A Gaiagraphic Exploration of Earth’s Primary Rivers. Peter’s seminal work of synthesis on North American energy fields, Gaia Matrix, was published in 1999. Since that time, Peter’s particular brand of geomancy, known as FIELD Geometry, has continued to evolve from community to global scale. Mapping of the Unified Field as embodied geometrically in the natural and cultural landscape provides a two-dimensional perspective on inter-dimensional reality. This window into a higher perspective integrates an awareness of place into new coherent patterns of community consciousness