The discussion continues with Professor Eric Larsen, editor and publisher of The Oliver Arts & Open Press. A novelist and writer, he is the author of A Nation Gone Blind: America in an Age of Simplification and Deceit, and The Skull of Yorick: The Emptiness of American Thinking at a Time of Grave Peril—Studies in the Cover-up of 9/11. Professor Larsen published 5 Essays at extensions almost of his recent 2 books. The Essays are – An Important Book For Understanding What Did and What Did Not Happen on 9/11 – Serpent Songs In America – Delusional America and 9/11 – Dr Judy Wood and The Future of the Earth Parts 1 – 5.

Once again Professor Larsen takes on the progressive writers in the mainstream progressive media and exposes the subtle lies and turns of phrase used to lead the reader down the wrong path regarding the content of Dr. Judy Wood’s book, Where Did the Towers Go, Evidence of Directed Free Energy Technology on 9/11.

Professor Larsen has edited Where Did the Towers Go?, he wrote the forward to it, he reviewed it, he also wrote an op-ed piece about the American scientific establishment’s inability to the support it the because of the risk of professional threats against its members if they were to speak out in its favor.