Today we look back in this second hour and listen to the voices of guests who were on the show talking about geoengineering, weather control, its fall out and health effects. We start with Cori Gunnels, an anti-geoengineering activist living in Prescott, Arizona witnessed and photographed a low flying C-130 military plane being followed closely by 2 smaller aircraft in November 2014. Shortly, long sticky filaments began to fall out on to her property and the surrounding community. Cori and her neighbor Marie Snow collected samples and then alerted local environmental agencies, politicians and nearby airports. After the media reported on her story, Cori received more accounts from others around the country describing the same types of long fiberous filaments raining down onto the surface. Cori Gunnels an anti-geoengineering activist who witnessed a low flying military aircraft releasing 20-50 foot filaments over civilian population in Arizona.

As we’ve covered in past shows, climate scientists have been broadcasting the message to mainstream media that climate engineering would be a necessary option, and that it’s not in full operation. Well, that’s not true. In fact one of the purposes of this show is to provide evidence and data of the various types of large scale geoengineering.

We hear from Allan Buckmann a formerly with the California State Dept of Fish & Wildlife. He’s also a trained U.S. Air Force weather observer who worked in the military in this capacity for 5 years, at Beale AFB. He’s worked with NASA, RCA, and with the U.S. Navy on the Tiros III weather satellite readout team. Allan Buckmann is familiar with cloud observation, jet contrails, the military, and space-based weather information systems. Allan describes the damage to forests caused by the climate engineering toxic fall out, specifically from the deployment of coal fly ash metals into the atmosphere that rain out into the environment.

Allan issued an appeal to listeners concerned about these issues to fund testing of lichen for metals such as aluminum showing evidence of the climate engineering raining out on the ground but coming from the air, not naturally occurring in the soil.

We hear now from a New Hampshire resident who at the time of this interview had recently become aware of the geoengineering programs and began to make presentations at her local library. On this show, we will continue to report on the different facets of weather control engineering, or geoengineering or the aerosol operations, or climate engineering. The sudden awareness to the reality of these operations being conducted in plain sight can be a jarring experience. Many who have had this experience can t believe how long it took them to finally see it. How can a veil be so strong to hide this reality from good, intelligent, caring humans on this planet? We explore some of the reasons that could contribute to a delayed awareness. In the opinion of some of the top researchers into climate engineering, geoengineering programs have been deployed in real time for the last 15 years.

It s critical to remind listeners that programs such as solar radiation management are being conducted in real time, right now. You may have noticed the aircraft releasing aerosol in the skies over New York City the past few days, that s a geoengineering program. These operations are done in secret and in plain sight. You could look at many aspects visual conditioning, lying by omission, sock puppet TV meteorologists who call the trails high cirrus clouds, normalizing the visual effects of the operations to children by embedding unnatural skies into animation films, the list goes on.

Wanda Allen is from New Hampshire, and has given a powerful presentation on geoengineering, its side effects and she continues to fill in some missing pieces that some listeners may not have heard about before, such as Monsanto buying Weather Corp. Wanda joins us to discuss her story from becoming aware of the unnatural skies to producing a focused presentation on her research.

About five years ago, there were many skywatch groups creating awareness in different parts of the United States. Bringing the voices of these activists on to the airwaves in a massive radio market over the years was the type of leverage needed to bring awareness to the what others were seeing in different parts of the country. We go now to Arizona and hear some of a past interview with Bridget Conroy and Mike Caraway with Arizona Skywatch.

Bridget Conroy is a former educator of special needs children. She developed augmented communication devices and personal therapy techniques to help special needs children be included in the regular classroom. Mike Caraway is an information technology professional and has been active in resisting the geoengineering operations for many years.