We take a look into a case involving a long term gang stalking situation. Our guest is Sandra Cardoso who was born in a Portuguese colony in the coastal city of Lobito, Angola in Africa. For a number of reasons she fled Lobito with her family to Portugal. Sandra was an outcast within her family. She lived there for about a decade and moved to Holland in her late teens. That’s when as she explains how she found herself on the radar of the local police who with municipal employees, networked and set an organized stalking campaign against her. This lasted for many years but it had taken her just as long to connect the dots.

I received an email from Sandra explaining her story. She listened to Sean Hross’ interview and she thought, hey this happened me and I need to get this information out. She survived being thrown out of a second floor window and other attempts on her life. Sandra is now living in Portugal, however she is homeless, without her son.

In a quick aside, there are several films that clearly portray or fictionalize organized stalking such as the Truman Show, The Adjustment Bureau, Ultrasonic, Control Factor and Earthkiller. There many more, others include A Scanner Darkly and Gamer that reference nanotechnology and handlers. These movies are from nearly 10 years ago, and part of a campaign to invert and condition minds into thinking this is only relegated to dystopian fiction.