When we discussed the ley lines of New York City, it was based on Peter Champoux’s work. He took some time to map out and identifying specific energy lines based around the landscape such as rivers, roads and natural corridors. Peter located the nexxus near the Statue of Liberty, an area where the ley line energies radiate out from a single point of focus. A topic that past guest Matthew Delooze referenced also. Author Nicholas Mann joins us now to discuss his book The Sacred Geometry of Washington DC. Nicholas examines the original maps of the American capitol city. After the War of Independence, the layout was initially designed using Golden Section geometry and the pentacles were based on the flower of life.

However, the early harmonious geometric ratio of the layout based on the Golden Section was later distorted. The changes caused bitter conflicts amid freemasons and the original designer. Our guest Nicholas Mann is the author of many books on geomancy, mythology and sacred geometry. He’s written about other locations such as Glastonbury, England and Sedona, Arizona, his website is britishmysteries.co.uk. This show originally aired April 30, 2012.