Bottled Water Corp Normalizing Weather Control

Some of you may have read the text on this bottled water product. Here are the opening sentences – “Is it just us or do clouds get a bad rap? While we admit they’re not as great to have around on a beach day, as say the Sun, clouds are unsung heroes because they contain nature’s purest source of water.”
There are a couple layers of information here. One layer is this question – why are clouds getting a bad rap? What could THIS possibly mean? Could it be referring to the public outrage of the ongoing weather control and spraying the skies without long term environmental and health impact studies? Are these the “clouds” (pictured below) getting the bad rap?

I suppose natural clouds are unsung heroes because they contain water, and that’s one of the main resources being exploited by the weather control operations which include spraying the skies, creating unnatural clouds. Yet I suspect, this innocuous message is tailored to disarm a fence sitter and possibly another example of the campaign to normalize the atrocity of weather control. Now, why would a bottled water corporation want to normalize weather control?