For generations, folklore and eyewitness testimony speak of giant creatures seen in the woods across North America, such as Bigfoot or Sasquatch, but there’s another cryptid not as well known. They appear as upright wolves around 6 to 7 feet tall. You’ve heard it referred to as werewolf, or wolfman however they’re also called dogman and they fall into several categories. They can appear as larger than normal wolves. They move on all fours but are usually witnessed as bipedal creatures. A common occurrence before a sighting is an ominous silence in the area. Insects, birds, squirrels and frogs grow quiet indicating a large predator nearby. Sightings have been reported across the North American continent and most witnesses are traumatized for life. Michigan and Wisconsin seem to be hotspots for dogman reports.

Guest, author, investigator Linda Godfrey, lives in south east Wisconsin, is the author of 18 books on strange creatures, phenomena and people. We talk with her about her book titled, Real Wolfmen: True Encounters In Modern America. This 2012 publication explores a wide range of sightings across North America and includes related paranormal details, folklore, and Native American mythology.

White Lhasa Studios LLC (producers Linda Godfrey and Steven Godfrey) presents the trailer to a new film — Return to Wildcat Mountain; Wisconsin’s Black Panther Nexus  — it tells the story of  returning cats and the people who have witnessed them firsthand.