On this show we’ve covered topics such as the eventual transition to renewable or free energy systems, telluric energy, ley lines, and the deliberate exploitation of this natural realm with guests such as Peter Champoux, Matthew Delooze, Dr. Ross Hamilton and Dr. Carmen Boulter There are threads from these past shows that connect together such as how leylines tend to carry telluric current, electromagnetic energy that effect our glial cells. On the positive side telluric current fuels creativity as discussed in a past show that mapped hidden New York City ley lines. We also discussed an ancient powerful leyline nexus in Washington DC below the Capitol building, but before that was built, it was a sacred meeting location for indigenous tribes. The telluric currents and intersections were essential to early human populations and those energy lines are imbued by the memories of what occurred at those sites.

With this background and context we connect in with the career path of geophysicist Dr. Brandon Brygider who conducted surveys across the continent for oil, coal and geothermal energy. He at one point became part of a geothermal exploration team named Group 7. We’ll also examine his involvement and knowledge of related secret projects such as Project Moondust. His experiences strengthened parallels to the sacred Native American sites and cultures and support his analysis that the land shall conquer all.

Guest – Dr. Brandon Brygider graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in 1978 and in 1980 graduated with Bachelors and Masters degrees in Geophysical Engineering. He’s also a graduate of St John’s Law School with a J.D. in energy and environmental law. Dr. Brygidier practices forensic geophysics and has taught at local universities and Brookhaven National Laboratories.