We continue the interview with ufologist, photographer and musician Andrew Hennessey. He’s also the author of several intriguing paranormal books and articles including Monkeys of Eden: The Telepathic Overlords and The Slaves of Earth published in 1999. It sounds like it could be science fiction however, it was not meant to be. Andrew has chronicled some of his most extraordinary experiences growing up in Scotland and interacting with individuals who are not as they seem. We pick up on some topics that we touched on with past guests Matthew Delooze and Carissa Conti in the area of harvesting human spiritual energy. The Scottish landscape of looming stone castles on cliffs and dark skies is a fitting background for stories of the strange and unusual. We also talk more about the concept of telepathic overlords controlling the rest of the human population who are not telepathic and that have their psychic and emotional energies periodically harvested.

Guest – Andrew Hennessey, born 1957, Edinburgh, Scotland, has been interested in the UFO phenomenon from a very early age, having had many encounters and experiences, which he wrote of in his ebook The Turning of the Tide.