We’ve talked with past guests about certain locations that are known for excessive paranormal activity. Edinburgh, Scotland is one of those areas. Our guest author, ufologist, photographer and musician Andrew Hennessey has written about it in his recent book titled Alien Encounters and the Paranormal. Abductions, men in black, spacecraft at tree top level, apparitions in the sky, and glowing monsters leaping out of holes in underground caverns are some of the items we’ll discuss in this show. Andrew Hennessy has been writing and investigating the paranormal for decades in Scotland and he explains how some of these strange occurrences crossover in to Scottish folklore. Andrew’s earlier book Monkeys of Eden describes a world of high strangeness not unlike the premise of films such as They Live or the short story Ten O’Clock People. We save most of that for the second hour, in this hour we begin with a brief background on Andrew and what experiences have led him into this realm of research.

Guest – Andrew Hennessey, born 1957, Edinburgh, Scotland, has been interested in the UFO phenomenon from a very early age, having had many encounters and experiences, which he wrote of in his ebook The Turning of the Tide.