We continue to report on the various forms of covert stalking, etheric and electronic attacks. Remember listeners its no accident our landscape, hilltops, water towers, and buildings are festooned with antennas, microwave transmission panels, and drums that can disrupt our bioelectric fields, causing cancer, mood alteration and sleep deprivation. Past guests such as Carissa Conti, Don Croft, Richard Bruce, Robert Guffey and Dr. John Hall, corroborate the use of directed radio frequency, sound and or microwave known as psychotronic weapons to target individuals.

The topic of electronic harassment has bubbled up in to mainstream attention within the last year, yet electronic harassment cases can also be traced back to the KKK during the post slavery era. More recent from that time is documented in the research of attorney Brian Glick who wrote War At Home: Covert Action Against U.S. Activists And What We Can Do About It. In January 1988, news of a secret nationwide FBI campaign against domestic opponents of the U.S. policy in Central America are some of the earliest reports made public.

We’ve talked about the increasing public awareness of high tech covert harassment, especially after the New York Times feature story. Though the journalist or editor shaped the story to portray most of the targeted individuals as mentally ill, the topic must have generated a lot of interest for it to show up on the pages of this major city newspaper.

We’re going to examine details of the gangstalking activity imposed on Josephine Grace that started in Fayetteville Arkansas mid 1995 and continued to 1999. The harassment then picked back up in 2006 and continued to 2016.

Guest – Josephine Grace suspects the covert harassment was triggered by her activism as a freelance journalist and TV reporter in conjunction with a CIA recruiting station located blocks from her home. Josephine has kept meticulous notes in documenting her attacks and police involvement. She joins us today to share her experiences that involved a variety of attacks including street theater, direct energy attacks, torturous sleep deprivation and people wearing invisible suits. If you think invisible suit wearing people should be relegated to the realm of science fiction, we’ll include references to past guest Robert Guffey author of the book Chameleo.