The familiar lyric in the Star Spangled Banner quote “And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air” refer to a conventional munition, though still used in warfare has become a smokescreen for a more deadly accurate covert weaponry. The technology isn’t glamorous or mysterious. There is in fact historic documentation chronicling the harmful biological effects from directed microwave, radar and wireless radiation. In a book titled The Microwave Debate, that came out in 1984 there are more than 8000 pages of published documents expounding on symptoms from radar and microwave radiation exposure that were released under a FOIA request after the microwave bombardment of the US Embassy in Moscow. Some of that research dates back to 1893. Put this is context with the recent news of diplomats at the US and Canadian Cuban Embassy in Havana and the US Embassy in Guanzhou, China. According to those reports 25 diplomats, CIA officials and family members were covertly attacked by a directed energy. Their symptoms include brain trauma, headaches, nausea, hearing loss, and cognitive issues after they reported hearing strange sounds.

As many listeners know, these types of covert attacks using radar and microwave radiation have also been happening in our own backyard, targeting regular people and slowly deteriorating their mind, body and spirit. Why we’re covertly attacking each other with deadly toys is a sad comment on the current human condition. Its a topic that alternative and mainstream media have avoided like the plague and if the reports of these attacks get too prominent, the psychologists come out and typically call the victims delusional. But that tactic doesn’t work any longer. More people are paying attention. Attorneys are now investigating individual cases. This is important because microwave radiation in your environment is about to increase like never before.

Guest – Helena Csorba, has been the victim of covert microwave attacks for decades. She’s a retired civil engineer living in the borough of Etna, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Because of the attacks, Helena has deeply researched the topic and has compiled mountains of evidence on the use of microwave and radar technology as weapons. Her research helps other victims and it builds stronger cases for those seeking justice. However, Helena continues to suffer painful biological effects from pulsed high powered microwave through wall radio frequencies. At this time, she needs support and protection, but ultimately, relief from the attacks.

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