PART II – INTERFERENCE: This is the second part of the interview with Carissa Conti, author of Chasing Phantoms. The topic is interference and how to recognize the various types when they’re occurring. We left off at defining the types of interferences that usually take place on the individual level, such as when people are trying to accomplish for the greater good, a positive life mission, relationships, both romantic and friendships, online bullying and trolls. In this second hour we look at a few more individual categories and then on to the macro or global level of interference. Through compiling a journal on these personal experiences, Carissa had noticed over time that individuals who acted as if something were operating through them were all saying the same things. She called this type of narrative unoriginal scripts. These individuals range from online trolls who don’t know each other to family members.

This phenomena correlates with Robert Bruce’s research in his book Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook, The: A Survival Guide We step into a very interesting realm. Carissa’s research into this conceptual realm of interference is not meant to influence people in to becoming paranoid or to take less responsibility in their life. The idea is to learn about the nature of a certain type of interference and understand that it operates for good and bad. Guest – Carissa Conti, author of the book Chasing Phantoms: Personal experiences, Observations and Theories into the Abduction/Mind Control Phenomenon. It’s partially compiled from years of journal entries and various perspectives describing personal experiences with psychic warfare, dream time programming, military abductions and harassment techniques.