We are all victims of mind control. The last stages of this alchemical transmutation happened before the attacks of September 11, 2001. It is a transmutation that unfortunately dispossessed the will, intuition and memory of the United States population. Our returning guest, author Michael Hoffman says the shadow government or cryptocracy is confidently engaged in a psychological war against the people of the United States that continues to this day and with little resistance. In his book titled Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, originally published in 1989, Hoffman decodes the secrets in how this mind manipulation actually occurs. Its subtle and overt. In the twenty years since the book’s publishing date, this country has been plagued with false flags and hoaxes loaded with esoteric symbolism while a complicit media takes part in the ritual murder by parroting what Hoffman calls the twilight language. Instead of getting mired in hearsay, Hoffman surveys the events through an occult lens and identifies those behind the subversion.

Can we as a population restore ourselves into a healthy state needed to transcend our apathy and herd mentality or is it too late?

Guest – Author Michael Hoffman is a revisionist historian, he joins us to talk more about this rare gem Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare and his related research. He is a New York native and a former reporter for the Associated Press. He studied under Faiz Abu-Jaber and Richard Funk at the State University of New York at Oswego. Hoffman is the author of nine books. His most recent is “The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome” (2017). In addition, he has written the introduction to modern reprints of The Traditions of the Jews by Johann Andreas Eisenmenger, and The Talmud Tested by Alexander McCaul, D.D. Mr. Hoffman is the executive editor of the bulletin, Revisionist History which is published six times a year.