Today, we look into a broader manipulation of public perception in regard to geoengineering and begin with Vivian Warkentin’s article titled The Real Inconvenient Truth, published in the Berkeley Daily Planet. Along with the radiation fall out in Japan, climate engineering is the elephant in the room, specifically concerning left environmentalist groups and their supporters. We also hear parts of the 2012 Suffolk County public comments for a proposal to ban geoengineering operations over that county in Long Island, New York, and later WBAI listeners call in.

LongIslandSkywatch continues to work at the local government level to educate politicians and legislators about the ongoing aerosol programs and environmental effects. “I want to thank everyone who attended the Environmental Committee Meeting on Monday, April 30, 2012. Your attendance and support contributes immensely to the goal of enlightening our legislators.”
“As a result of our efforts, Legislator Anker has agreed to meet with us. Hopefully, it will be a productive meeting. Again, I cannot stress how important it is for everyone to meet with their individual legislators. It is only when we have numbers that we will be heard…..Mt. Shasta is scheduled to have over 300 people show up at their town council next week with samples they have all taken showing toxic amounts of al and barium. They are now demanding answers as to why their water and soil is so heavily polluted with these metals; the town council must legally investigate. It was our goal to follow in this direction. However, again, we need participation. If we think nothing will get done, then that is exactly what will happen.”