We get a deeper insight into the gangstalking operations designed to harass and slowly deteriorate and psychologically destroy individuals. We also get finer detail on the perpetrators and their victims or TI’s – targeted individuals. This topic is revisited on this show because of its complexity and because many mainstream sources such as the New York Times while forced to report on the topic, have dismissed victims of gangstalking as delusional. Our guest June Ti, author of the book No Ordinary Stalking: A Look At Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment has not only been stalked and experienced that bizarre reality, but she’s volunteered her time to help other victims. June has compiled data from thousands of cases. What emerges from her research is startling. The predators are sadistic. The stalkers’ goal is total incapacitation of their human prey. Important truths emerge as we learn what kind of people devote large amounts of time and resource toward ruining the lives ordinary people.

Guest – June Ti is a mental health crisis counselor educated in British Columbia, Canada with 35 years of experience in various mental health fields. June has owned and operated a therapeutic riding school for people with brain injuries. June also counsels, supports, and assists victims of organized stalking free of charge through The West Coast Society For All Victims Of Organized Stalking And Electronic Harassment.