This week on In Other News we briefly cover the Stacy Lynne story and rebroadcast a 2008 interview with author/researcher/activist Amy Worthington. Amy is one of the first to write about details of the aerosol operations during the late 90s, sort of before most of us became aware. Recently, Amy has written two very important well researched articles on the physiological hazards of the wireless age, specifically the effects to cellular structure and DNA from cell phone use . Her articles titled Generation X-Ray – Child victims of Technological Abuse, and Microwaves: The Radiation Poisoning of America research and document the studies that you don’t hear about in North America. The reality is that cellphone users in the U.S. and Canada have not been told the truth about the dangers of wireless radiation. Now as most are emotionally addicted to cell phones it could be more difficult to effectively impart this information. There are some eye opening clues in this interview that Amy relays to skywatchers.
Amy Worthington:

  • The Russian government has warned pregnant mothers not to use cell phones.
  • Wireless radiation oscillates cells 2.4 billion cycles per second – breaking DNA.
All 200 types of cancer begin with broken DNA.
  • 24 hours of cell phone use = 1600 chest X-rays.
  • Wireless radiation opens blood/brain barrier, easy access for barium and aluminum.
Quiet build up as wireless technology = surveillance = police state.
  • Sometimes it takes generations to make a difference.


Another big thank you to everyone who made it to Theater 80 on Sunday for the It’s Over Your Head event