The banning of Alex Jones who had millions of subscribers and billions of views from social media platforms has been an eye opening turning point in the selective censoring of free speech in the United States but specifically about topics that are controversial, sensitive and how a populist and libertarian movement may effect the outcome of another major election.

The very people cheering about selective censoring of Alex Jones wouldn’t be cheering if the same measures were brought down on them. The shortsightedness could partially stem from the hive minding from the actual social media entrainment. But now when the handful of real voices lead discerning minds into investigating false flags, using weather as a weapon, and the epidemic of pedophile cults, that truth tsunami may simply be marginalized with algorithms. If that doesn’t work, and your popularity still crashes through, the next step would be full global capitalist control pressured to silence your speech.

The unclear and vague violations of terms of services such as inciting hate speech used for the mass banning has been a back burner strategy to selectively censor any voice without a specific reason. Youtube in particular will state that its due to multiple or severe violations of Youtube’s policy against spam, deceptive practices and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations. The problem is that there is impartial enforcement of the terms of service agreements, executed with impunity. The safe space, coddling of younger generations, suggesting you’re mentally incapable of making decisions about certain content is also a trojan horse in continuity to justify this type of selected silencing.

But its not only the banning and censorship of voices and viewpoints on video sharing and social media platforms. Mastercard and Visa have also cut off services to conservative news organizations ad revenue processing without explanation. Last week, 34 year old chief executive of Automattic Inc. and creator of authorized a content specific banning of hosted websites. Strangely, he’s known to be a supporter of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and advocate of “Free Speech” and “Open Source” technology. According the and, those sites include chemtrailsplanet and cinderallasbroom that published important observations concerning the Newtown school shooting.

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We hear parts of interviews from several past guests  including Matthew Delooze, Wolfgang Halbig, Mark Passio and Dr. Lori Handrahan.