On this show we’ve been discussing geoengineering, the ongoing weather control operations and daily spraying of the skies world wide. This show started in March 2010, before that I had put a site called Newyorkskywatch in 2007 to promote a radio documentary titled Climate Engineers: War, Profit and Survival. In 2006, I booked a flight to Palo Alto, California to attend and record the audio of a meeting of physicists and other scientists including David Keith and Ken Caldeira who were going to talk about the viability of using large scale engineering operations to mitigate climate change or global warming. Meanwhile, on that day, the sky was saturated with aerosol spraying. Huge white X’s could be seen against an strange oily overcast sky. One interesting question that came up in the documentary was how could global warming be accurately assessed while weather control programs are artificially effecting temperature, rainfall and the jet stream? It hasn’t been answered. Here we are 9 years later, and both David Keith and Ken Caldeira are speaking openly about the viability of such programs quote if they were to be deployed, implying that the operations which would include spraying particulates into the atmosphere aren’t being conducted. Yet, anyone with eyes to see can identify the spraying of our skies.

Guest – Patrick Roddie is an activist, journalist and photographer from Belfast Ireland based in San Francisco. He’s been keeping up with various climate conferences and confronting panels that would advocate geoengineering as a last resort and specifically Ken Caldeira, a scientist with the Department of Global Ecology Carnegie Institution of Washington.