Aggressive real time climate engineering continues altering natural weather worldwide and facilitates disaster capitalism models. Part of the reason there is so much deception and bitter contention swirling around this topic is because this is likely a multi-layered terraforming operation. As part of this transformation man made microwave radiation signals such as 4G and 5G are also interfering with the Schumann Resonance, a natural frequency of the planet resonating between the Earth’s surface and the atmosphere. The Schumann Resonance happens to perfectly match the human brain frequency.

The well funded lies surrounding the topics of climate change and climate engineering are the reason why the topic is revisited on this show. Video evidence of climate engineering aerosol operations being conducted in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries have been witnessed by millions of people. However, as you will hear in this show, there is an attitude of willful ignorance among climate scientists and researchers that needs to be understood on many levels.

Meanwhile, disinformation gatekeepers play semantics or outright deny real time use of weather control technology while claiming to be researching it as a contingency to climate change. You might ask how much longer can the veil of lies continue to obscure this reality from good, intelligent, caring humans?

What’s very sneaky here is that the very topic of being environmentally mindful has been hijacked. The anti-geoengineering activists care deeply about the health of the environment, that’s why they’ve sounding the alarm about the effects of spraying soft metals such as aluminum into the atmosphere and using electromagnetic technology to heat and control weather systems.

Earlier in 2018, WBAI courageously aired the In Other News geoengineering debates with Dane Wigington of, MIT scientist Douglas MacMartin, Paul Beckwith professor and engineer from the University of Ottawa and Patrick Wood author of the book Technocracy Rising. While there was certain disagreement, the participants involved were willing to have civil and public discussion for listeners to then draw conclusions. There were other guests respectfully invited to publicly discuss geoengineering live on the radio but they declined. During the process of declining the invitation, some of the geoengineering scientists entered in to prolonged and revealing email exchanges. We review some of that content with lead researcher of Dane Wigington.