We listen to interviews with the late Don Croft who with Carol Croft started the site EthericWarriors. In one interview Don said “If you look at the way the world is being run right now, their currency is negative energy. Orgonite transmutes negative energy into positive energy. Their currency is literally dead and they spread sickness and hopelessness, and mayhem where ever they can. They’ve done it for a long time. So, orgonite undermines their infrastructure. If you distribute this stuff, it makes it harder and harder for them to do their work.” Regarding gangstalkers, Don Croft had said, “We walk up to them and confront ’em. They can’t stand that. They’re terribly afraid of us, of everybody, the human race. They’re the enemy. They’re the parasites, we’re the host.” These are important reminders of the energy dynamic in this reality, especially if you’re involved in exposing it.

As humans, we’re alive during a part of the Industrial Age where our natural world is now being artificially simulated and then sold back to the pajama people as convenient and secure. Trans human, robotics, artificial intelligence, artificial weather, 5G and subsequent self driving cars. There is no authentic demand for any of this, and so its being forced onto society wearing many disguises including environmentally mindful, trendy or the progress of technical evolution.

Don Croft has left a legacy of inspiration for people to learn about how to experiment with orgonite for themselves.