This Thursday April 26, 3-5PM, there will be a second In Other News special discussing opposing viewpoints on geoengineering live on WBAI. Dane Wigington will speak with author Patrick Wood who researches the technocratic totalitarianism but consciously omits climate engineering within the belief that climate change data and concerns are not real and that its part of a multi-prong scam. A scam imposed by entities such as the Trilateral Commission and the United Nations that set up the long game known as Agenda 2030. Dane Wigington will counter with climate change and climate engineering evidence indicating climate change is real, and that climate engineering has been fully deployed – further fueling an overall climate collapse.

To be clear, you can’t talk technocracy, Agenda 2030 and the Trilateral Commission without mentioning the ongoing real time climate engineering.

In the second hour, Professor Paul Beckwith returns for round two. Professor Paul Beckwith explores the data showing rapidly changing weather patterns. Beckwith said he would look in to Dane’s research on real time climate engineering indicating that ongoing geoengineering programs are a major causal factor related to the accelerating climate disasters and disruptions.. That’s this Thursday April 26, 3-5PM live on WBAI.

In the process of putting this second live on air discussion together I sent out many requests to a variety of scientists and experts on climate change and geoengineering. Most of them declined. But I found it interesting that the scientists who declined such as David Keith and Gernot Wagner at Harvard University or Ken Caldiera at Stanford. These scientists are in a position to knowledgeably speak on geoengineering. You would expect, in a normal world that scientists who work in this field of study, when presented with mountains of evidence that a massive aerosol operation is in full deployment, would stand up and at least present a scientific argument. Instead their tone goes beyond dismissive, mocking and arrogant. Some of them claim they’re receiving death threats from the activists working in the anti-geoengineering communities. I’m not saying people aren’t upset by this group of arrogant scientists but I might suggest that these death threats are a counter measure to discredit anti-geoengineering activists as unstable and dangerous.

So, Wagner immediately departs from the specific topic to mislead and then calls what the Dr. is referring to (ongoing aerosol operations) contrails. Can you now understand why people are upset with David Keith, Ken Caldiera, Gernot Wagner and others?

This atitude isn’t unlike how the medical industry will force doctors to make their patients suffer because while they know the cure to a disease through natural remedy, they’ll instead prescribe a drug. Chanca Piedra, the herb that grows on the side of the road in Mexico breaks up kidney stones at the same time relaxing the muscles surrounding the ureter that involuntarily contract around the stone creating pain. You won’t be told about this miracle herb by the medical industry.

Meanwhile, the geoengineering industry are selling their wares, as the start up businesses focus on their markets and government, military contracts. This, in my opinion is the effort to transition out of the black operations and into the open as so called heroes saving the planet. Remember, that film Geostorm? When Hollywood tries to fictionalizes a so called conspiracy, big plans ahead.

We hear from past interviews on the topic of geoengineering, or climate engineering or the illegal aerosol operations.

Most listeners to this show know that one of the main areas of focus is on weather control technology, geoengineering, and the spraying of aerosolized chemicals into the atmosphere at various altitude. This is in context to the agenda of the climate change slash global warming scandal. Anti-geoengineering activists are not against taking care of the environment, they’re not against designing lifestyles that are more harmonious to natural ecosystems, it’s actually the opposite. As many listeners know, what’s very sneaky here is that the very topic of being environmentally mindful has been hijacked. The anti-geoengineering activists actually care deeply about the health of the environment, that’s why they’ve sounding the alarm about the effects of spraying soft metals into the atmosphere and using electromagnetic technology to heat weather systems. That technology changes weather patterns on a mass scale.

This scam is a critical lynchpin for the surveillance state and its steamrolling ahead under the United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century protocol. Huge climate summits and conferences are convening to that may end with a global carbon tax. This would be a sucker punch to the economies of countries world wide recovering from recessions or austerity. Meanwhile, we are to believe at this point that there is no weather control technology being used, only cloud seeding, that mother nature is dying and retaliating with violent weather, therefore you, the individual will be taxed. As past guest Andrew Hennessey had written – ‘We’ ; have polluted the earth, destroyed our planet, started wars – and ‘WE’ should be punished etc etc. The blame gets laid at the door of ‘We’ the common people. ”

Ignore the thankless work of anti-geoengineering activists across the world who have pushed back against the torrent of well funded propaganda. The amplified voices of trusted experts and scientists betray the public in asserting that the persistent jet trail lines and grid work, compass and square designs in the sky are merely natural condensation trails and to consider otherwise is delusional. Yet, most of us who have looked at the research have seen the patents on this very same technology. We’ve seen the military white papers matching the exact activity witnessed marring the skies. The arrogance of carrying out this operation in full view is almost incomprehensible for some. Recently, Dr. J. Marvin Herndon’s scientific paper on Coal Fly Ash shocked the scientific community and a retaliation is being launched against him. Similar to Dr. Judy Wood, author of Where Did the Towers Go?, Dr. Herndon stood up and did the right thing by using his experience, knowledge and resources to officially determine for all of us that the substance in the rain water samples are matching more than 90 percent the various chemicals in coal fly ash, like a fingerprint.

Sodium fluoride is a highly toxic chemical compound waste by-product from the phosphate fertilizer industry, the aluminum industry and atomic weapons labs. Sodium fluoride is regularly dumped into public drinking water. Experts and doctors say these industries have found it more cost effective to use human beings as filter machines for their hazardous waste, than to properly dispose of the toxic compounds. Yet, to take the coal fly ash from smoke stack scrubbers, aerosolize and spray it into the troposphere appears to most people to be a massive criminal act. Not in the United States, however, the EPA doesn’t list coal fly ash as a toxic substance. Do some research on it. Look up the association on coal fly ash and see how expensive it is to dispose of it, its used in cement, roads, and is sequestered in lined ponds, because its also radioactive. Yet according to real scientific research, its being sprayed in the atmosphere. We listen now to several past guests discussing the topic of weather control, UN Agenda 21 and health effects from atmospheric aerosol operation fallout.