In Other News September 23, 2013


Activist Gigi Bowman joins us to discuss her work bringing awareness to the topics of geoengineering, genetically modified food, bad legislation and UN Agenda 21. She’s running for Senate in District 5 in Long Island and is a co-organizer of the Save Long Island forum. We first hear a past segment with Rosa Koire, a forensic real estate appraiser and author of the book Behind the Green Mask.

Dane Wigington ( on recent news about geoengineering. Remember a few weeks ago Dr. Hall observed that some patients who work outside all day test zero for Vitamin D. How is this possible? One might begin to look at the ongoing aerosol operations such as SRM and SAG. Could these particulates be engineered to deliberately prevent the spectrum of sunlight needed for human cells to manufacture Vitamin D? These are some of the effects of the ongoing aerosol operations. Other effects include extreme drought, flooding and depleted ozone that is allowing an increase of UVB radiation to come through the ozone layer. We talk about weather warfare, air base locations and much more.

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