In Other News October 27, 2012

haarp nexsat

Have a look at this. A skywatcher in the Bronx sends this video in. Here’s what’s really going on above the overcast. If you wondered about the storm being manipulated by geoengineering, here’s visual evidence. Below is a map from this site HAARP Status. Look at the New York city area, white hot with HAARP.

I suspect that the cold front that is moving essentially from West to East would normally push any tropical storm or hurricane out to the Atlantic Ocean at this time of year. As we can see from the map above however the massive targeting of HAARP in this area probably weakens the front’s ability to push the hurricane out to sea. Add to that the saturation of particulates in Northeast sky. The last several days have been warm and calm, allowing for aircraft to easily build up a saturation point of metals creating a conductive sky for HAARP.

Sallie Elkordy, one of the top opponents of illegal vaccines and geoengineering, made it to the screening of Why In The World Are They Spraying at Theater 80 on October 7, 2012. She set up camera and interviewed some of the core Long Island Skywatch group and Michael Murphy.

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