In Other News November 4, 2013


Since 2008, there’s no shortage of foreclosure stories and how good people are being forced out of their homes. In fact, a story last month titled Foreclosure Vampires in NJ, describes people living in their homes during a drawn out foreclosure process as vampires, squatters or freeloaders. These are people who are caught in lawsuits or the mortgage company will not accept payment and the process is dragging out. However, the language being used to describe this reality is quite interesting. The people are vampires yet they’re trying to pay their bills? Our guests today might suggest that the bankers are vampires, or the system itself is sucking the life energy out of the national human capital.

Jakada Zo and Jaykin Willies have created a company called The Art of Knowing and within that company they run a business called Contract Masters. They help people get out from under foreclosures, car and credit card payments and other forms of contractual debt. The process however is unusual. They begin by redefining the terms being applied by the banks and legal system that often lead to assumptions, such as what is the original meaning of mortgage? What is the difference between lawful and legal? That’s just the beginning.
Jakada started as a bounty hunter, and published a book titled The Seekers: A Bounty Hunter’s Story. We start there with I suspect the first part of a series of interviews.

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