In Other News March 17, 2016

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Today we get another perspective into the ongoing aerosol operations conducted in our atmosphere, sustainability movement and related coverups. Anti-geoengineering activists are not against taking care of the environment. They’re not against designing lifestyles that are more harmonious to natural ecosystems. As many listeners know, whats very sneaky here is that the very topic of being environmentally mindful has been hijacked. The anti-geoengineering activists actually care deeply about the health of the environment and thats why they’re consistently sounding the alarm about manipulating the atmosphere using electro-magnetic technology to alter weather systems. This scam is a lynchpin to quietly lock in the surveillance state and steam rolling ahead under the United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century protocol. Meanwhile we’re to believe there isn’t any weather control technology being used, only cloud seeding – that mother nature is dying and retaliating with violent weather, therefore YOU, the individual will be taxed.

As past guest Andrew Hennessey had written ” we have polluted the Earth, destroyed our planet, started wars and we should be punished, etc. The blame gets laid at the door at we the common people.

Guest – Andrew Johnson, a former software engineer who runs the site He’s author of the book 911, Finding the Truth, which is free to download at his site. Andrew has done extensive research into what has happened to the two towers on September 11, 2001, the manufactured wars on terror, free energy and climate engineering.

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