In Other News August 7, 2012


Environmental writer and author Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri joins again to continue the discussion on health effects from wireless technology, the ongoing aerosol operations and Smart Meters. Dr. Perlingieri is a former university professor and scholar and author of the book The Uterine Crisis. The book compiles 15 years of independent research linking womens’ serious reproductive illnesses with environmental toxins. London’s “The Ecologists” magazine called it “an inspiration.” Dr. Olle Johannson – Cell Phone Task Force.

Guest – Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, continues to take a cross disciplinary approach to all of her research, including the invisible but hazardous poisons that are impacting our health such as hormone disrupting chemicals, pesticides and the wireless technology. She’s written extensively on our dramatically changing climate, clandestine weather control programs and their direct effect on our deteriorating health. We’re talking about the ongoing aerosol program and its fall out throughout North America and the rest of the planet. Dr. Perlingieri has lectured in the US, Canada, London and has been interviewed on PBS TV, BBC radio and Pacifica’s KPFK. She will also be speaking at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails” event in Los Angeles, August 17-19, 2012. We discuss Dr. Perlingieri’s latest article published on the Global Research site. Smart Meter Dangers: The Health Hazards of Wireless Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure

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