In Other News August 13, 2013


We first get an update from Dane Wigington on his research measuring UV rays and his startling discovery. Dane is a former solar power engineer and now runs the site
We also continue the discussion on psychotronic weapons, stalking and mind control with returning guest Dr. John Hall, author of the book A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America. Dr. Hall is an anesthesiologist and will be coming out with new book soon titled Guinea Pigs: Technology of Control. The book details the non-consensual experimentation ongoing in the United States and abroad using electromagnetic technology designed to control the human organism.

We’ve covered in depth similar topics on this show with guests such as Amy Worthington, Don Croft, and Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. These guests have pointed out the vulnerability of microwave radiation on the human body, for example, Amy Worthington pointed out that 24 hours of cell phone use = 1600 chest X-rays, wireless radiation opens blood/brain barrier, easy access for barium and aluminum, the Russian government has warned pregnant mothers not to use cell phones, Dr. Korotkov mentioned that in Russia its forbidden to have school, farms, buildings under high intensity electrical wires. Our guest Dr. Hall also explains the adverse physiological effects from electromagnetic beam targeting and that there is a constant breach in the private domain of human consciousness from wireless technology.

In the interview with Dr. Hall we stumble upon more disturbing data. Dr. Hall observed that some patients who work outside all day test zero for Vitamin D. How is this possible? One might begin to look at the ongoing aerosol operations such as SRM and SAG. Could these particulates be engineered to deliberately prevent the spectrum of sunlight needed for human cells to manufacture Vitamin D?

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