In Other News March 19, 2018

Back we go again into the fringe on the topic of individuals who have captured numerous high quality video footage of Unidentified Flying Objects and more. What makes this next story stand out is that its not unlike the experiences of Damien Nott in Australia or past guest Alison Kruse in Pennsylvania. To summarize, its a situation in which one person continues to witness and capture unknown aircraft in vivid clarity repeatedly over a period of time. Early on, our guest had witnessed a very large flying craft in Salem, Massachusetts. The 1973 event shocked the community and was published in local newspapers. A county employee and various other witnesses described an object flying silently and very slow above homes and country clubs. This event marked the opening chapter for our guest in what was to be an ongoing experience in witnessing and recording some of the best UFO footage released into the public domain. However, you may not of heard about his work. There’s a reason for that. The backbiting, youtube-google censorship, artificial low video counts, interference, personal attacks, pervasive fake UFO videos cluttering the internet, false debunking, trolling, and government monitoring have all contributed to marginalizing and drowning out authentic footage.

Aside from this unfortunate reality, could there a hidden gift in this intentional censorship? Our guest’s youtube handle is whotookmymojo. For this interview, he will go by the first name of Joe. Joe has not only videoed the craft flying and changing shape, but also landing. He also has caught movement inside the ship. A first of its kind.

Here’s a best of the Oregon sightings video

Extreme Movement

A Wow Encounter

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In Other News March 15, 2018


In this day and age, as grassroots movements become marred and battered by controlled opposition, such as false revolutions divide and conquer among race and sex, the actual engineering of climate, such as creating drought and enhancing hurricanes remains essentially ignored by a well funded progressive movement.

Though anyone can watch video of aerosol operations being conducted in skies across the planet, with this topic in particular of climate change, global warming, geoengineering and real time weather control technology, there are several realities colliding into each other within the public consciousness. One of the more disappointing of these realities is the absenteeism of the so called environmentally conscious progressive left that Vivian Warkentin sharply described in her article titled The Real Inconvenient Truth.

I’ll be joined by one of the leaders in the antigeoengineering movement who will speak in this live on air session with a prominent climate scientist and then a professor who has been researching climate engineering potentials for more than 10 years. I’ll be moderating an exchange of conflicting viewpoints on the topic of geoengineering and climate change to facilitate a better understanding of an emotionally charged and intentionally muddied topic. As many have become convinced that real time weather climate control (AKA geoengineering operations) are conducted across this planet, yet within the halls of academia (and think tanks) scientists and weather experts relay to the outside world that geoengineering is not happening but would be necessary in an emergency. Let’s examine the evidence from their perspectives.

Guest – Dane Wigington, lead researcher with who claims available evidence indicates that climate engineering operations have been fully deployed. Dane has a background in solar energy and forestry health. Dane is focused on the climate engineering issue and says ongoing geoengineering operations have created many of the catastrophic environmental effects we witness today.

In the first hour, Professor Paul Beckwith, a physicist and engineer joins Dane in the discussion. Professor Beckwith is a part-time professor at the University of Ottawa, laboratory of paleoclimatology and is in a Ph.D. program, with a focus on Abrupt Climate System Change and is also at Carlton University, department of Geography and Environmental studies. Mr. Beckwith does not believe global climate engineering operations have been deployed.

In the second hour, Dane is joined by Professor Douglas MacMartin, a Senior Research Associate and Senior Lecturer in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell and a research Professor in Computing + Mathematical Sciences at the California Institute of Technology. Since 2006, Professor MacMartin has focused on what is termed “the largest control problem” – geoengineering. Its the idea that one might offset some of the consequences of climate change by reflecting some sunlight back to space.

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In Other News March 12, 2018


Orgone energy has been described as a biological energy in living substances that can coalesce to create organization on all scales, within the microscopic it’s called bions, and within the macroscopic structures, orgone energy would be within clouds, and in even larger forms such as galaxies. In the last decade, the science and interpretation of orgone has branched out into various groups and has taken the form as an international effort of people crafting their own pieces of orgonite made from crystals, metallic shavings and resin. There’s a formula to this including modifying Reich’s work in creating tower busters. We get another perspective of the orgonite world from a group called QuebecOrgone.

Lydiane at QuebecOrgone took over the business a few years ago. Since then, she’s been making orgonite, devices such as implant killers, succor punches, and orgonite pendants. QuebecOrgone products are uniquely made by Lydiane and often tailored to certain customers.

As past guest Roger Tolces with pointed out, wireless routers account for a lot of the electronic harassment calls. Meanwhile, the complacent acceptance of a microwave saturated environment continues to alter human cognition and behavior. There are two types of orgone energy, positive orgone radiation POR and deadly orgone radiation or DOR. Wifi signals are among the major sources of deadly orgone radiation and properly made orgonite can help dispel that DOR.

As we’ve discussed on this show, working as an etheric warrior is usually not without strange interference, government infiltration and odd experiences.

Guest – Lydiane with from Montreal Quebec, Canada discusses her work and share some intriguing stories of interference.


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In Other News March 5, 2018

In this day and age, in order to control people and maintain a predictable, manipulated global economy, you have to know what people are thinking. The NSA continues to vacuum up every domestic email, phone call and text message being sent in this country and last month the U.S. Congress voted to pass a bill extending, for another six years, the NSA’s practice of internet surveillance. Yet beneath the surface of mainstream consciousness, a war of an even more domestic covert surveillance operation rages on. In addition, the technology used to secretly harrass and spy on civilians known as electronic gangstalking is often cutting edge military grade equipment. In past shows, many guests have shared their surveillance and gangstalking experiences such as Carissa Conti, Dr. John Hall, Richard Bruce, Robert Guffey, Don and Carol Croft, Laura Weise to name a few. Despite the news blackout, the New York Times published a feature story on gangstalking, though a hit piece, it was nonetheless many years late to the scene as mainstrem press is often known to be on certain issues until they become unbearably obvious. We take another look at the secret surveillance world and electronic gangstalking from the perspective of a long time surveillance counter measurer expert Roger Tolces.

Guest – Roger Tolces started Advanced Electronic Security Company in 1972. In 1978, he coined the term electronic harassment. Roger’s company specializes in technical surveillance counter measures such as bugsweeping for telephone line bugs and computer data line taps and electronic room sweeping.

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In Other News January 29, 2018


In past shows, we’ve looked into medical breakthroughs that rid the human body of viruses and parasites such as the work of Royal Rife. Rife determine the frequencies of viruses and built a device that would target these pathogens with their own frequency. The Rife method targets the virus or parasite with its own slightly amplified specific frequency making it literally implode. His frequency device cured 14 out of 16 cancer patients. The famous 1931 dinner celebration titled The End To All Disease honored his work. It was attended by 30 of the nation’s notable physicians. However, under the Flexner Report, no disease means no business. Rife’s work was quickly ridiculed, his research stolen and he was branded a charlatan.

Twenty years before Rife’s celebratory dinner, the blueprint for modern medicine was already drafted and in place. Its known as the Flexner Report because in 1910, Abraham Flexner published the book-length report titled Medical Education in the United States and Canada. Flexner was not a doctor, he was a school teacher and educational theorist from Louisville, Kentucky. He was funded by several backers including John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil and Andrew Carnegie. The Flexner report set the norms of modern medicine that emphasized laboratory research and the patenting of medicine.

Flexner visited 155 medical schools in the United States and Canada and his report recommended closing 120, based on their lack of standards and inability to adhere to the protocols of mainstream science. Today, the pharmaceutical industry, a select group of government agencies and corporations continue as another byproduct of oil refinement.

With this background, its no surprise that parasites and fungus continue to plague the human condition. Their symptoms are the basis for a wide range of maladies and cravings. You may recall a past zapper testimonial; it was stated that the average person holds approximately 2 pounds of parasites in their body. In the worm category, they include, tape worms, hookworms, pinworms, rope worms, blood and liver flukes, whip worm, round worms, to name a few that are easy to pronounce. There is also a long list in the protozoan category as well. Correct diagnosis is difficult amid vague symptoms. Fungal infections and systematic candida are another category stemming from microorganism imbalance. When candida enters the bloodstream, the central nervous system, kidneys, liver, joints, eyes and spleen are some areas that are affected. CANDIDA CLEANER REPORT

We look at the Native American and African American slave home remedy of pure gum spirits or turpentine as a treatment being used by the patients of our guest Dr. Jennifer Daniels. Dr. Jennifer Daniels was trained as an allopathic medical physician. After majoring in Biology, she received her BA degree with Honors. She entered The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and received her Medical Degree (MD) and her MBA concurrently at the end of 4 years.

When Dr. Daniels mixed natural therapies with the standard practice of care, she caught the attention of hospital representatives. In one case, the Medical Board began investigating Dr. Daniels for reducing a patient’s blood sugar i one week with diet and exercise. She was charged with failure to cooperate when she refused to reveal private records of patients not related to the complaint. After 3 years of legal actions and appeals, Dr. Daniels was placed on a 3 year probation. She was then given the choice of surrendering her medical license or have it revoked. She elected to surrender it. As a result of this surrender, she has been placed on the do not employ list and the so called terrorist watch list. Dr. Jennifer Daniels is the author of the book Do You Have The Guts To Be Beautiful.

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