It’s one of the most painful topics to address, acknowledge, let alone investigate, child sex abuse, child sex trafficking. The underside of human nature, and as child exploitation networks are exposed in the United States and other countries, there’s a lot to learn amid the scrambling to cover it up and conceal the people behind those organizations and pedophile rings. There’s a lot to learn about the funding structures of these organizations and definitely the anatomy of a cover-up. We welcome back investigative journalist Nick Bryant, he’s the author the book, The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse and Betrayal.

Nick Bryant’s book begins with the Nebraska’s failed Franklin Federal Credit Union and then as a reader your a led through his investigation to Washington DC where businessmen, senators and the CIA are implicated. The hard lessons are learned by the investigators and witnesses who came forward as they stumbled upon something that started in a small Midwest community and connected to the top levels in Washington DC.