The last voice you hear on this show’s introduction, “we walk up to them and confront em, and they can’t stand that… “ is Don Croft, who with Carol Croft built and set out to do exceptional world changing selfless etheric work. In that quote, Don Croft is referring to the sewer rats as he called them, the government or private agents tasked with disrupting efforts to distribute orgonite or impart quality truthful information about orgonite. It does take fearlessness, intuition and courage to identify the agent but then go a step further and let them know, that you know who they are.

The news of Don Croft passing was sudden. Local news outlets in eastern Washington state reported the accident but they didn’t really know Don Croft and the legacy he leaves behind. I read about his paragliding accident on late last week and with that news, on the site came an outpouring of appreciation and remembrance that offered a glimpse of the amazing life altering impacts he made across the planet while working with the life etheric, zappers, succor punches, tower buster orgonite and the subsequent interference. That interference can be a major price to pay for converting areas of deadly orgone radiation (DOR) to positive orgone energy. Interference includes computer sabotage, website hacking, so called gangstalking and boilerplating.

Listeners may recall that it was last July 2017 that the Etheric Warriors webmaster Chuck was found dead in his home. Days later, their information rich website forum was destroyed. That was almost a year ago this month, July 2018.

Don Croft suffered head trauma and was airlifted to Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane where he died. Don and Carol Croft’s work was a very important foundation for many topics on this show. Their colleagues and contributors to ethericwarriors were also paradigm shifting guests such as Laura Weise, her husband SteveO (, Lydiane with , Don Bradley and Positive Changes That Are Occurring author Jeff Miller.

The medical bills incurred from this accident are steep, up to $30,000.00. Carol Croft needs help with that expense. Please donate what you can at this link.