In Other News November 14, 2016

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Open lines. This show In Other News has recently returned to Monday nights and if you’ve been tuning in for a few years you may recall that the original format of this show was to take your phone calls with the guest. That’s what we did here on this show. In the last few years, the format has been a whole hour with the guest. Sometimes I get your feedback. There are several regular listeners that I speak with that support this show with ideas and feedback on various guests and topics. This show started in 2010 and there have been a wide range of topics and guests. A main focus has been climate engineering.  In Other News has produced the highest volume of shows on the topic of geoengineering and weather control than any show on the Pacifica network. Another topic that gets heavy criticism and subsequent interference afterward is study of orgone energy as discovered by Wilhelm Reich and the empowering –  practical applications of changing the local etheric energy from Deadly Orgone Radiation to Positive Orgone Energy. The discussion often gets into the nature of etheric parasites, what are they, who are they and how long have they been around? I look at this work as an akido move in adding to the tools available for listeners who are tuned in to this aspect of our environment.  We’ve done several high quality shows with members of including Don Croft, Jeff Miller, Laura Weise or Dooney and Carol Croft.
As you may know, many citizen journalists have been posting their findings on the Podesta emails and the related investigations into coded language used to talk about pedophile related meet ups with children, ritual acts, and other insalubrious details. The cover-up articles in the New York Times and Washington Post speak volumes. In June of 2012,  Nick Bryant author of The Franklin Scandal : A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse and Betrayal, was with me live in studio at 120 Wall St. (Open phone lines follow)

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In Other News August 19, 2016

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Today we follow up on the work of Jeff Miller who regularly makes posts on the ethericwarriors site titled Positive Changes That Are Occurring. Its important to amplify this mindset because its a brilliant aikido move in countering the propaganda of negative news.

We look into the patterns of manipulation within mainstream media print articles through the lens of a very interesting forum called Positive Changes That Are Occurring. Since 2011, the news of birds falling out of the sky, disappearing bees and bee colony collapse, droughts, massive fish die outs, continue to be regularly reported in the corporate owned mainstream press. The second net truth media picks it up the propaganda often with a conspiratorial spin speculating about electromagnetic weapons zapping birds out of the sky and more.

There are substantial reports linking Monsanto’s neonicotinoid pesticides and the death of pollinating insects. However, what’s not often reported are rejuvenation processes in nature such as the return of salmon, water fowl, rodent populations, raptors and the list goes on. This approach in highlighting the positive change is based on the unique work of a person who posts on the site These positive changes are not limited to the increase in the vital flora and fauna, but also in numerous examples of small but significant changes in areas such as raising minimum wage, removing harmful chemicals from processed food, corrupt people being forced to step down from positions of power, people canceling their cable TV, their wireless accounts and reengaging with the physical world. Positive Changes That Are Occurring is one of the longest running threads found on

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In Other News July 29, 2016

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In recent shows, we’ve talked about the increasing public awareness of gangstalking, especially after the New York Times feature story. Though the journalist or editor shaped the story to portray basically all gangstalking victims as mentally ill, the topic must have generated a lot of interest for it to show up on the pages of this major city newspaper. Moreover, in context, its important to keep in mind that worldwide, apartment buildings, hilltops, mountaintops, schools, water towers, steeples, hospitals are now affixed with antennas, drums and panels broadcasting microwave transmission that effect our biological fields. The EMF or electromagnetic frequencies and ELF extra low frequencies effects include cancer, mood alteration, and sleep deprivation.

In addition to this EMF infrastructure, psychotronic weapons and voice to skull technology, there is a vast army of predatory and deranged psychics within the intelligence agencies in various countries and within freemason cults says Don Croft who runs The human brain and other biological functions operate within particular frequencies. If the frequencies in an environment are specifically changed to induce a certain behavior, you can imagine what might happen with this technology in the wrong hands.

Guest – Laura Weise who is an energy worker living in Montana. For the last 10 years, Laura has helped people with  remote healings, chakra tune ups, cord and entity removals. Its a unique skill set that empowers clients to fend off electronic harassment attacks and establish protection. She lives in Montana with her husband Steve O and is good friends with Don and Carol Croft. Website – DonebyDooney

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