In Other News October 30, 2015


We continue our conversation with Harry Hubbard but move from the topic of the ancient repository at the Southern Illinois Cave site to evidence of a cavernous entrance at the north pole that could lead to the inner Earth. The evidence is based on Harry Hubbard’s presentation titled Lazeria Map collection. Together with his research colleague Paul Schaffranke, Harry combs through key maps from the 16th and 17th centuries showing evolution of coastlines, anomalous islands that may have sunk into the Arctic Ocean and the four islands at the North Pole separated by northward flowing rivers. We’ll hear accounts from 17th century explorers describing the regions at the top of the physical North Pole. This evidence has been engraved and printed by cartographers hundreds of years ago. It’s a matter of translating German, Latin and other early script, taking the time to read the detailed descriptions and that’s the work that Harry and Paul have done. Harry Hubbard joins us again to talk about this presentation, the Hollow Earth and early map references to Atlantis.

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In Other News October 16, 2015

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We look today at the evidence of ancient cultures that settled and lived on the North American continent long before Christopher Columbus. Some of them were known to have lived on this land prior to Native American Indians. A controversial, yet well known repository of ancient artifacts is located in a cave in south central Illinois. The cave was discovered in 1925 by individual named Orville Lowery and its filled with thousands of artifacts and alleged tombs.

Guest – Harry Hubbard to talk about this cave, its artifacts and historic context. In his research, Harry Hubbard has been a kind of steward of this repository, cataloging, researching and bringing forth the data to the public and to those in academia. His work is often dismissed or ignored by archeologists, anthropologists and institutions. We talk about why that might be. He’s poured through many rare books, and has also worked to translate the script carved in the hundreds of stones found in the cave. The major claim by Harry and his colleagues is that this is the tomb of Alexander the Great and Cleopatra. HarryHubbard (youtube)


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In Other News October 2, 2015


Today we follow up with Crrow777 who has been filming the Moon, the Sun, chemplanes and UFOs and posting videos with analysis to youtube. His handle is Crrow777, he’s been challenging the basic beliefs and science that most of us have learned about the Moon, its mass and distance from the Earth. In our last interview we talked about the lunar wave anomaly and how it is filmed by many in different parts of the country and the world during the Summer solstice, and the Spring and Fall equinox. Well, listeners, it happened again during the 2015 fall equinox and it was caught on film. The lunar wave anomaly appears as a wavy horizontal line that runs from the bottom to the top on the face of the Moon. It takes a few seconds to travel across the the Moon and there’s usually a second one behind it. It’s still not certain what this is. There’s a lot of speculation but gathering empirical evidence and stacking up the data collected by independent researchers is part of the process that might lead to real answers. We also continue the discussion about the massive spraying of our atmosphere by private and military tanker jets dumping a mix of chemicals some of which is now believed to be coal fly ash that also obscured many astronomical events.

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