In Other News March 31, 2014


Earlier this year, we heard a presentation by radio host Mark Passio titled Free Energy: From Suppression to Manifestation Who Was That Influential To Take Tesla Out of Schools? Mark is a member of the Nikola Tesla Club and runs the site He joins us to talk about that presentation and other lectures he’s given discussing natural law, and the New Age deception. We also get rare insight into how far the influence of the satanic church reaches into society and works very hard to manipulate human perception. How effective is human perception being managed?

You merely need to take a look around you at how virtually no significant change occurs to the type of primary energy source that drives personal vehicles, nearly everyone is willing to put a cancer causing microwave transmitting device to their heads, and a massive global weather control operation continues in plain sight as aircraft release chemicals into the atmosphere. An operation clearly discernible from regular commercial air traffic.

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In Other News March 24, 2014


Last year on this show, we discussed with several guests, the quiet build up of hundreds and thousands of microwave antenna towers, radar domes and multiple ionospheric heater sites. This in context of our environment being saturated with man-made electromagnetic and microwave radiation. We’ve also had many guests on to talk about how this wireless radiation is interfering with the human brain frequency and it was pointed out again by our last guest Dr. Carmen Boulter. The discussion if you have caught the past shows, connect to the work Wilhelm Reich and what’s known as Deadly Orgone Radiation or DOR. DOR, psychic awareness and real time surveillance was explored in past interviews with Don and Carol Croft who run the site Finally, past guest Dr. John Hall, who wrote a New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America went into detail about tracking individuals by satellite, real time surveillance and gang stalking. With this bit of background from past shows, you can now understand the highly technical apparatus set up around us that can manipulate the etheric realm.

Guest – Carissa Conti, author of the book Chasing Phantoms: Personal experiences, Observations and Theories into the Abduction/Mind Control Phenomenon. It’s partially compiled from years of journal entries and various perspectives describing personal experiences with psychic warfare, dream time programming, military abductions and harassment techniques.

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In Other News March 11, 2014


Hi all, big thank you to all who have been supportive of New York Skywatch and In Other News. Have been taking a short break lately. Meanwhile within the last week, this region has been hit hard with aerosol operations. It’s like they’re trying to break a record out here. One interesting observation is that if you check the “city views” of the NEXSAT radar site, you’ll notice missing images over New York. A couple of recent days were not posted. Why? On those days the spraying was really heavy and obvious. Sometimes the images are pixelated, but these are flatly omitted.
Still, no one has presented irrefutable evidence in locating where these planes are landing and taking off. No one has come forward with footage of these operations being prepared on the ground, taking off, conducting the spraying mission and landing. To think , after more than a decade of profound public awareness, nothing concrete has come forward.

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