In Other News June 25, 2015


We continue the interview with ufologist, photographer and musician Andrew Hennessey. He’s also the author of several intriguing paranormal books and articles including Monkeys of Eden: The Telepathic Overlords and The Slaves of Earth published in 1999. It sounds like it could be science fiction however, it was not meant to be. Andrew has chronicled some of his most extraordinary experiences growing up in Scotland and interacting with individuals who are not as they seem. We pick up on some topics that we touched on with past guests Matthew Delooze and Carissa Conti in the area of harvesting human spiritual energy. The Scottish landscape of looming stone castles on cliffs and dark skies is a fitting background for stories of the strange and unusual. We also talk more about the concept of telepathic overlords controlling the rest of the human population who are not telepathic and that have their psychic and emotional energies periodically harvested.

Guest – Andrew Hennessey, born 1957, Edinburgh, Scotland, has been interested in the UFO phenomenon from a very early age, having had many encounters and experiences, which he wrote of in his ebook The Turning of the Tide.

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In Other News June 18, 2015


We’ve talked with past guests about certain locations that are known for excessive paranormal activity. Edinburgh, Scotland is one of those areas. Our guest author, ufologist, photographer and musician Andrew Hennessey has written about it in his recent book titled Alien Encounters and the Paranormal. Abductions, men in black, spacecraft at tree top level, apparitions in the sky, and glowing monsters leaping out of holes in underground caverns are some of the items we’ll discuss in this show. Andrew Hennessy has been writing and investigating the paranormal for decades in Scotland and he explains how some of these strange occurrences crossover in to Scottish folklore. Andrew’s earlier book Monkeys of Eden describes a world of high strangeness not unlike the premise of films such as They Live or the short story Ten O’Clock People. We save most of that for the second hour, in this hour we begin with a brief background on Andrew and what experiences have led him into this realm of research.

Guest – Andrew Hennessey, born 1957, Edinburgh, Scotland, has been interested in the UFO phenomenon from a very early age, having had many encounters and experiences, which he wrote of in his ebook The Turning of the Tide.

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In Other News June 11, 2015


We talk today with returning guest Dr. Carmen Boulter. Dr. Boulter is the director, producer and writer of the powerful documentary series called The Pyramid Code. The series has aired in more than 30 countries and there many breakthrough discoveries in it such as how the Great Pyramid served as an energy generator. It was built on intersecting leylines and constructed with specific materials that are now thought to have harnessed and stored power. We talk about the recent discovery of a massive ancient underground site below the Hawara Pyramid in the Fayoum Oasis region south of Cairo, Egypt. It’s about 30 km from the Nile River. The area is rich in layered history known top layers are Roman, the second layers are Ptolemaic, further below 60 feet and then to 130 feet, the mysteries begin. The site has been measured to be 107 acres. We also discuss how this site was rediscovered using space archeology. A software program was applied to enhance the visual output of a satellite camera. It read element signatures and depth. This technology will basically “see” through many feet underground revealing man-made structures for excavation purposes such as the city of Crete. As an aside, imagine the technology that exists to reveal the full spectrum of structures around the world and at further depth? How old could this site be? It’s not known at this point but Dr. Boulter references the Calendar of Catastrophes and recalls the historic prophecy “when the head of the crab hits the heart of the lion.” This implies a processional cycle. Ancient texts reveal that Atlantis had 3 major catastrophes. One 13,600 years ago, another 17, 500 BC, and the first one, the date is unknown. Some of these geological time frames are depicted on the ceiling of the Temple of Dendera.

Guest – Dr. Carmen Boulter, is the creative source behind The Pyramid Code. She is the director, producer, and writer of this powerful documentary series. She has had unshakable passion for Egypt, and traveled there 25 times. Through embassy support, Carmen researched in the Egyptian Museum gaining official access to the Rare Books Library of the Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University. This is where the field notes of excavations around the pyramids from the early 1900s are held. Dr. Boulter is the author of Angels and Archetypes: An Evolutionary Map of Feminine Consciousness. Here is the link to fund Dr. Carmen Boulter’s campaign to make the TV documentary The New Atlantis.

Have a look at this recent report. Would “gatekeepers” use terrorism to block critical archeological research and excavation? Egypt Intensifies Security At Antiquities Sites CAIRO (Reuters) – Egypt’s antiquities minister issued orders on Wednesday to intensify security at antiquities sites across the country in coordination with the Interior Ministry, in comments reported by state news agency MENA on Wednesday. A suicide bomb attack near a tourist site in the southern city of Luxor that left four Egyptians wounded marks an escalation of attacks on tourist sites in the country.

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In Other News June 4, 2015


We’ve discussed in detail on this show the various sources of microwave radiation in our environment including mobile phones, cell towers and so called smart meters. In past interviews guests such as Amy Worthington have explained the types of harmful effects from exposure to microwave radiation and RF such as 24 hours of cell phone use = 1600 chest X-rays. Wireless radiation opens the blood/brain barrier, allowing access for aluminum and sodium fluoride. The Russian government has warned pregnant mothers not to use cell phones. Past guest Dr. Korotkov mentioned that in Russia its forbidden to have schools, farms, and buildings under high intensity electrical wires. Not unlike the ubiquitous digital television conversion forced upon the public, nearly every cubic inch of space in our urban environments is now saturated with wireless frequency.

Yet in the western world, cautions against exposure to these frequencies were not properly released to the public. For some reason manufacturers of these products and various agencies responsible for warning consumers didn’t think it was necessary to effectively warn the public about the potential harm emanating from their devices. Remember the interview with Josh del Sol, director of Take Back Your Power? In his documentary it was pointed out by researchers how some people will feel wireless radiation expressed through headaches, weakness and some will not. Yet within both types of people reacting differently the blood shows an adverse effect, meaning those that don’t feel any symptoms are still being effected by microwave radiation.


Guest – Musician and Activist Heather Lane has recently found a place free of electromagnetic fields where she says that she can now begin to heal her body. The condition is defined on conventional websites as a group of symptoms purportedly caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields. Heather’s website – (IgnoranceandDenial)

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