In Other News January 23, 2017

Remember a couple of weeks ago the web master who is hosting the site was on explaining the unprecedented attacks to the website? Zak Taylor joins us again for an update. My website caused a security alert at the hosting company. had use up 75 percent of the CPU on one server which houses up to 3000 sites. I have to now buy a quarantined space on the server for the website. This is because at any given time there is a sustained attack on the site filling the server with false requests that tie up resources. The person helping me had my site on his account and now he’s freaked out because it shut down the other sites on his server that he built as a web designer.

Why would my site be repeatedly attacked after rebuilding it from a previous attack a year ago? The archives go back to 2012 of weekly one hour radio shows for anyone to press play and listen. The show topics cover a wide range including Jungian psychology, high quality information on archetypes and the psychological theory of the human shadow and an entire show on healthy boundaries, but also content on the life Wilhelm Reich and his discovery of orgone energy, and then related interviews with Don and Carol Croft and their friend Dooney. There are many important interviews on geoengineering, that if were fully distributed without censorship would have significant effect in countering the climate change propaganda.

Speaking honestly and openly about the oppression surrounding inventors of free energy may also draw unwanted attention. Let’s hear some content from guest Patrick Kelly, a civil engineer who put together – The Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices ebook, that we give away as a thank you gift thats put on the In Other News archives discs. The nature of interference Patrick experienced is interesting as well. Patrick Kelly mentioned that he had six different web sites destroyed and then further access denied so that he couldn’t redress the situation.

We hear part of the second interview with Patrick, specifically the part about attacks made against those who create free energy devices

In January of 2014, a sculptor was invited to the Tesla Science Foundation because she sculpted a figure of Nicola Tesla. She then invited me as a guest. You can see that sculpture at Lisa Azzano Sculptures and go to the sculptures tab. I thank her because I wouldn’t have known about the event at all. At this conference, Mark Passio gave a presentation titled Who Was That Influential To Take Tesla Out of Schools? Mark is a member of the Nikola Tesla Club and runs the site This controversial talk examines the inception of censorship in obtaining real knowledge and connects it to the problems humanity faces today.

Open Lines Follow

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In Other News January 29, 2016

IMG_7741 IMG_2369

In November of 2014, Vivian Warkentin’s article The Real Inconvenient Truth was posted online at the Berkeley Daily Planet. We take a look back at that article and we’ll hear reactions from WBAI listeners, and then we’ll hear a short interview with Vivian responding to listener comments.

We’ll also hear part of an interview with Wanda Allen. She’s a New Hampshire resident who at the time of this interview had recently become aware of the geoengineering programs and began to make presentations at her local library. On this show, we will continue to report on the different facets of weather control engineering, or geoengineering or the aerosol operations, or climate engineering. The sudden awareness to the reality of these operations being conducted in plain sight can be a jarring experience. Many who have had this experience can t believe how long it took them to finally see it. How can a veil be so strong to hide this reality from good, intelligent, caring humans on this planet? We explore some of the reasons that could contribute to a delayed awareness. In the opinion of some of the top researchers into climate engineering, geoengineering programs have been deployed in real time for the last 15 years. Wanda Allen is from New Hampshire, and has given a powerful presentation on geoengineering, its side effects and she continues to fill in some missing pieces that some listeners may not have heard about before, such as Monsanto buying Weather Corp. Wanda joins us to discuss her story from becoming aware of the unnatural skies to producing a focused presentation on her research.

You may have seen the movie trailer for a film called Geostorm. The corporate normalizing is very disturbing to see but this is our unresolved reality of weaponizing weather to create droughts, catastrophic disasters, allocate natural resources is being fictionalized. After witnessing the massive spraying operations deployed as the frankenstorm Jonas exited into the Atlantic Ocean and thinking about those involved in this movie – Geostorm who would take the narrative of a real world situation of criminal acts, lies, deceit, treason, etc – and portray it as fiction. This happened in 2005 with low budget film Toxic Skies. In a way, its kind of the same mindset of taking out your phone or camera and snapping pictures of yourself in front of a building on fire or a tragic accident.

It s critical to remind listeners that programs such as solar radiation management are being conducted in real time, right now. You may have noticed the aircraft releasing aerosol in the skies over New York City the past few days, that s a geoengineering program. These operations are done in secret and in plain sight. You could look at many aspects visual conditioning, lying by omission, sock puppet TV meteorologists who call the trails high cirrus clouds, normalizing the visual effects of the operations to children by embedding unnatural skies into animation films, the list goes on.

Some of you may have read the text on the plastic Smart Water water bottle product. Here are the opening sentences ” Is it just us or do clouds get a bad rap? While we admit they re not as great to have around on a beach day, as say the Sun, clouds are unsung heroes because they contain nature s purest source of water. Couple layers of information here. One layer is, why are clouds getting a bad rap? What could this possibly mean? Could it be referring to the public outrage of the ongoing weather control and spraying the skies without long term environmental and health impact studies? Yes, natural clouds are unsung heroes because they contain water, and that s one of the main resources being exploited by the weather control operations which include spraying the skies, creating unnatural clouds. Yet I suspect, this innocuous message is tailored to disarm a fence sitter and possibly another example of the campaign to normalize the atrocity of weather control. Why would a bottled water corporation want to normalize weather control?

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In Other News January 22, 2016


Today we remember David McGowan and his important work that helped readers assess photographic images using instinct and common sense. Through his dedicated research, David McGowan taught many to tune into this valuable skill. The first In Other News interview with David McGowan aired on WBAI in April 2014. We discussed the investigative work and techniques used to analyze high definition images from the Boston Marathon Bombing. The second two hour interview aired later that year discussing his recently published book Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & The Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream and the sudden attention it received from a wide demographic. His other books include Programmed to Kill, and Understanding the F-Word: American Fascism and the Politics of Illusion, Derailing Democracy:The America The Media Don’t Want You to See. Although his original website is down, which is a real loss, his family members have posted some of his work at

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In Other News January 15, 2016


Today we get into part two of They Walk Among Us. In the first episode we heard parts of interviews from science fiction writer Ray Nelson, Dr. John Hall, Bonnie Jean Mitchell and John Mitchell, author Laura Knight Jadcyck, Richard Bruce and referenced the short story Ten O’Clock People. In that line up it we looked closely at the various literary tools and real-life properties such as drugs and hypnosis that were accidental catalysts, a type of trigger to shift the human perspective allowing one to see through the interloper’s masquerade. It certainly is a masquerade by the word’s definition “pretending to be someone one you’re not.” There are many forms the beings can take within the concept of “they walk among us” such as the being is partially souled, or possessed, or a clone, a doppelganger an android or a non-human wearing the liquid crystal human suit. It’s clear to some that the invasion has happened and now the human race is slowly and unwittingly being enslaved within a dystopian surveillance society that promises security and convenience.

We continue to look back at several interviews that all reference a type of silent invasion within the human race with past guests author Andrew Hennessey, radio host Sherry Shriner, author Carissa Conti and Mark Passio. Keep in mind while you hear the voices of these past guests that this content is usually relegated to the genre of paranoid fiction. Meanwhile, the grounded psychological conditions such as shadow projection and psychopathy will be factored in.

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In Other News January 1, 2016

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We spoke about the lunar wave with past guest Crrow777 who among others had caught on video something that appears as a wavy horizontal line rippling from bottom to top on the face of the Moon within a few seconds. Crrow also referenced the marginalized work of a Russian researcher named Khatib Alexander Mikhalyovich Hatybov or Hatibow. Although there’s no verification to this research and it could be disinformation, Hatibow had assessed that the Moon is not an illuminated object and argued that the surface is luminous and creates light through the assistance of pyramids on the Moon, the Sun and the Earth. It is indeed easier subscribing to the idea that the Sun’s light waves are reflected off the surface of the Moon. These are lofty concepts supporting the Truman Show effect of an artificial satellite. Additionally, Hatibow wrote about the life affirming influence the Moon has within what he terms the land management supersystem.

Today we look at the relationship the Moon has with the Earth and its waterways with returning guest Peter Champoux. His recently published book Moon Rivers: A Gaiagraphic Exploration of Earth’s Primary Rivers explores through geometry of nature, the Moon’s influence on the Earth’s flowing waters. Gaiagraphy is an emerging science defined as patterned study of the living Earth and Peter Champoux identifies how the successful cultures of the past used this geometry in nature within the construction and layout of their communities to nest. Peter writes, moon rings ’round moon rivers impart a unified vision reflected in Earth’s flowing waters, returning its liquid light to its sun-sourced beginnings. From deep underground to celestial orbs, water manifests body and spirit – an Earth spirit. This 65 page book builds on Peter’s earlier book titled Gaia Matrix: Geometries of Destiny in the North American Landscape and identifies the Moon Rivers such as the Nile River, the Congo, the Ganges and more that all share common dimensions.

Peter Champoux is a gaiagrapher (maps the living Earth) and Earth-Keeper. His work brings the individual and community into relationship with our living planet. Discoverer of Earth Rings, he is a leading researcher in the field phenomena of ley lines, earth grids, and natures geometries of scale. Since the 1990s, Peter has turned his originally simple geographic observations into the evolving spriitual art and science of what he terms Gaiagraphy: the patterns of our living, sentient Earth in alignment with each person’s unique path through life. Internationally known as an authority on earth grids, Peter writes on nature’s pattern language; maps, gaiagraphic studies for people, place and purpose. His website is

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