In Other News January 24, 2012

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There are some things about the pre-history of North America that’s been suppressed, hidden, kept from curious minds. A history that maybe lingers in our own DNA of which some will have glimpsed intuitively; scenes from the true nature of our history. In Dr. Ross Hamilton’s book a Tradition of Giants, he writes extensively about the archaeological evidence of very large and powerful people far more robust and tireless than today. Despite social and political upheaval altering the legacy of native American oral history, their tradition narrates the existence of very tall, impressively constructed men and women whose lives and deeds became legendary. It is said to be a royal class descended from an ancient clan of immortal stock, such as the Cherokee Nunnehi or the Choctaw Nahulo.

Guest – Dr. Ross Hamilton who’s book A Tradition of Giants has an alternative title The Elite Social Hierarchy of American Prehistory. We talk more about the book and research with author and historian Ross Hamilton. Ross Hamilton’s new book Star Mounds: Legacy of a Native American Mystery

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In Other News January 22, 2012

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As many know, weather futures are traded in financial markets. Paul Walsh, former USAF meteorologist explains how he uses his military background to give investors weather data for commercial investment and profit. This is a 10 minute excerpt from the one hour presentation. Note the use of the military term “force multiplier.” Near the end, Paul forecasts long term for this “bizarro” winter. Remember Rosalind Peterson’s interview on In Other News when she discussed how these markets really operate?

Here is text from Global Interdependence Center – they hosted the event at the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank: In this presentation, learn how the convergence of new weather technology and sensing capabilities, “big data” analytics, high speed computing, and enhanced forecasting capabilities are enabling businesses and analysts to re-think how they leverage weather and environmental information to make more effective and profitable decisions.


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In Other News January 9, 2012

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Developing a free energy source would certainly help cure many ailments, from the pollution brought by burning fossil fuel and natural gas drilling , the fizzled global warming-climate change debacle, to wars, and the catastrophic events that occurred on September 11, 2001. As many know, the development of free energy is at the core of all these global maladies, yet here we are in 2012, pummeled by car commercials, energy sourced on fossil fuel, the internal combustion engine vehicle with plastic, metal, rubber and fiberglass shells stylized beyond imagination giving the illusion of engineering advancements. Yet still, the internal combustion engine running on gasoline or diesel, prevails – along with the layers of refinery infrastructure to support the massive extraction industry. Joining us, is Canadian inventor and experimental scientist, John Hutchison. He’s been working with field effects for more than 3 decades. The effects from these experiments are the result of interferometry, that is, the result of interfering several beams or fields of varying frequencies of electromagnetic energy in a target zone. Remember when Dr. Wood described how her student who worked in audio design said that if you locate speakers a certain way, you may end up with dead zones where the sound is canceled or other zones where glass and china could be damaged? Well Dr. Wood references this concept as The Hutchison Effect. It is in fact a collection of phenomena that John Hutchison discovered in 1979 when he was making attempts to study the longitundinal waves of Nikola Tesla as well as the work of others, such as Thomas Townsend Browan etc. Dr. Wood points out the parallels anomalies at ground zero and the Hutchison effect in her book Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free Energy Technology on 9/11, to show what types of known extraordinary effects can result from electromagnetic interference. ——————–

John Hutchison auto signature: info links use these to find your answers from tesla stuff to antimatter black ops and gunsmithing old guns cannons machine tools , tv shows if your asking to do a tv show yes ok lets do it samples are on thanks.


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