In Other News July 30, 2018


The last voice you hear on this show’s introduction, “we walk up to them and confront em, and they can’t stand that… “ is Don Croft, who with Carol Croft built and set out to do exceptional world changing selfless etheric work. In that quote, Don Croft is referring to the sewer rats as he called them, the government or private agents tasked with disrupting efforts to distribute orgonite or impart quality truthful information about orgonite. It does take fearlessness, intuition and courage to identify the agent but then go a step further and let them know, that you know who they are.

The news of Don Croft passing was sudden. Local news outlets in eastern Washington state reported the accident but they didn’t really know Don Croft and the legacy he leaves behind. I read about his paragliding accident on late last week and with that news, on the site came an outpouring of appreciation and remembrance that offered a glimpse of the amazing life altering impacts he made across the planet while working with the life etheric, zappers, succor punches, tower buster orgonite and the subsequent interference. That interference can be a major price to pay for converting areas of deadly orgone radiation (DOR) to positive orgone energy. Interference includes computer sabotage, website hacking, so called gangstalking and boilerplating.

Listeners may recall that it was last July 2017 that the Etheric Warriors webmaster Chuck was found dead in his home. Days later, their information rich website forum was destroyed. That was almost a year ago this month, July 2018.

Don Croft suffered head trauma and was airlifted to Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane where he died. Don and Carol Croft’s work was a very important foundation for many topics on this show. Their colleagues and contributors to ethericwarriors were also paradigm shifting guests such as Laura Weise, her husband SteveO (, Lydiane with , Don Bradley and Positive Changes That Are Occurring author Jeff Miller.

The medical bills incurred from this accident are steep, up to $30,000.00. Carol Croft needs help with that expense. Please donate what you can at this link.

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In Other News July 16, 2018


Past guest Harry Hubbard explained how when researching for the real Thanksgiving he found it had taken centuries to actually publish manuscripts describing events at the Plymouth colony and Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1600s. For example, on the retreat of the British Army in 1775, manuscripts written in 1602 were taken from the Ol South Church in Boston and later recovered and printed by the Massachusetts Historical Society in 1856, 200 years later. This gives you an idea of the potential to distort accurate historic documentation or how important information was conveniently omitted. Information such as the enslavement of poor White people. However, if you research with a focus on White slavery you’ll find documentation scattered among the manuscripts and private libraries. Our guest Michael Hoffman II, wrote the book They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold Story of Enslavement of Whites in Early America, which brings together the many historic references chronicling nearly 4000 years of white enslavement. From Greek and Roman slavery, to the Visigoths and Russian Muscovites, to the Vikings selling the Irish to the Muslims in Spain, to the factory horrors of industrialized Great Britain in the 1600s. Hoffman’s research continues through to Caucasian Americans arriving at the New World and the West Indies in bondage, enslaved into agrarian labor. We talk about the timeline of white enslavement, why this historic documentation continues to be undermined and suppressed to this day, and how some consider this book to be an indictment to historians and academics who refuse to acknowledge the historic documentation of white enslavement.

Guest – Author Michael Hoffman is a revisionist historian, he joins us to talk more about the book and his research. He’s the author of many many books (as you’ll see when you visit his site, link above) but we focus on They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold Story of Enslavement of Whites in Early America.

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In Other News July 9, 2018


On this show we’ve discussed in depth the structures and dynamics of child sex trafficking with guests such as Nick Bryant author The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse and Betrayal. Dr. Lori Handrahan was also a guest in 2012 explaining how her former husband abused and trafficked their 2 year old daughter in the state of Maine. Dr. Handrahan has served as a United Nations consultant and her career background focused on gender based violence, international human rights, conflict and post conflict environments in regions such as Central Asia, Africa and the Balkans. This is important to add in the context of researching her book titled Epidemic: America’s Trade in Child Rape. The book is a deep analysis to begin accurately understanding the scope of pedophilia within the U.S. military, law enforcement and educators. The crime is driven by a demand of images and video of children being raped and tortured. Its common that most of those committing the criminal acts of abusing and murdering children are parents, often the father. But, from the courts to the lack of accurate statistics and data, there are also systems in place to protect and conceal this criminal activity. Dr. Handrahan also emphasizes the national security risks involved with the surprising number of how many prosecutors and judges, government employees, military personnel, and local and state police being arrested for trading child pornography or committing acts of child sexual abuse. You often hear media reporting about arrests of individual pedophiles and child trafficking rings, but rarely are the dots connected exposing an unfortunate yet real epidemic.

Dr. Handrahan’s articles on Medium

Guest – Dr. Lori Handrahan, completed her doctorate from London School of Economics. She holds over twenty years of practitioner work in Central Asia, Asia, Africa and the Balkans, and she has focused on gender-based violence, international human rights, humanitarian response, conflict and post-conflict environments, masculinities and men/boys in development and violence, and gender within UN reform and organizational change. She has served as a UN consultant for UNFPA, UNDP, OCHA, UNHCR and UNICEF. She was UNHCR’s first gender expert in emergency operations in Chad during the Darfur genocide and Regional Gender Advisor for UNHCR in The Balkans. She was lead researcher for CARE’s Girls’ Leadership Assessment in Yemen, UNFPA’s Gender-Based Violence Information Management System pilot in Uganda, and OCHA’s Gender Review. Dr. Handrahan’s first book, Gendering Ethnicity, was published by Routledge in 2001. She is published in peer-review journals such as The International Feminist Journal of Politics and Security Dialogue, has been a guest on CNN, FOX News, CTV and VOA, and has written Op-eds in The New York Times and the Christian Science Monitor.

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In Other News July 2, 2018


The familiar lyric in the Star Spangled Banner quote “And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air” refer to a conventional munition, though still used in warfare has become a smokescreen for a more deadly accurate covert weaponry. The technology isn’t glamorous or mysterious. There is in fact historic documentation chronicling the harmful biological effects from directed microwave, radar and wireless radiation. In a book titled The Microwave Debate, that came out in 1984 there are more than 8000 pages of published documents expounding on symptoms from radar and microwave radiation exposure that were released under a FOIA request after the microwave bombardment of the US Embassy in Moscow. Some of that research dates back to 1893. Put this is context with the recent news of diplomats at the US and Canadian Cuban Embassy in Havana and the US Embassy in Guanzhou, China. According to those reports 25 diplomats, CIA officials and family members were covertly attacked by a directed energy. Their symptoms include brain trauma, headaches, nausea, hearing loss, and cognitive issues after they reported hearing strange sounds.

As many listeners know, these types of covert attacks using radar and microwave radiation have also been happening in our own backyard, targeting regular people and slowly deteriorating their mind, body and spirit. Why we’re covertly attacking each other with deadly toys is a sad comment on the current human condition. Its a topic that alternative and mainstream media have avoided like the plague and if the reports of these attacks get too prominent, the psychologists come out and typically call the victims delusional. But that tactic doesn’t work any longer. More people are paying attention. Attorneys are now investigating individual cases. This is important because microwave radiation in your environment is about to increase like never before.

Guest – Helena Csorba, has been the victim of covert microwave attacks for decades. She’s a retired civil engineer living in the borough of Etna, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Because of the attacks, Helena has deeply researched the topic and has compiled mountains of evidence on the use of microwave and radar technology as weapons. Her research helps other victims and it builds stronger cases for those seeking justice. However, Helena continues to suffer painful biological effects from pulsed high powered microwave through wall radio frequencies. At this time, she needs support and protection, but ultimately, relief from the attacks.

Contact Helena Csorba – rfhurtslife(at)gmail(dot)com

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In Other News June 18, 2018


The relentless hypnotic effects of the mainstream media continue to entrain minds through falsehoods, repetition and teaching to process information through emotion instead of the intellect. In the last few years, comments came in from listeners who were upset about guests questioning the official story of the attacks on September 11, 2001, the Sandy Hook shooting and the Boston Marathon Bombing. The comments were emotional responses without direct criticism of specific content. Its noteworthy to point out that responses such as horrified and upset, etc, while valid in their own right, don’t address facts and evidence. I suspect reporters could be seen as aiding a potential cover-up when they yield to emotional sensitivity surrounding a shooting event (or any potential false flag event) especially if its wrongly used as a shield to condemn any questioning beyond the official investigation. But as Professor Eric Larsen points out, yielding to this pressure create the serpent songs in American journalism and literature.

The state news reported that on April 15, 2013, two pressure cooker bombs exploded near the Boston Marathon finish line at approximately 2:49PM Eastern. Three people were reported killed and an estimated 264 injured. The bombs exploded about 13 seconds and 210 yards apart, near the finish line on Boylston Street. There were many high definition images of the explosions and aftermath available to the public. Similar to the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown Connecticut, the speculation and alternative theories running counter to the official narrative saturated online media.

Three years later, a detailed 3 hour analysis of the Boston Marathon bombing was posted online. The powerful documentary titled The Boston Unbombing draws from a pictorial record taken almost second by second. It also uses video showing clear detail of devices and techniques normally deployed in disaster simulations. The narrator explores how the event was a carefully coordinated drill presented to all as a genuine terrorist attack. We’re going to hear some of this documentary.

We’ll also hear from the late David McGowen, author of the book Programmed to Kill, and the book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippy Dream. We also hear from past guest Professor Eric Larsen, editor and publisher of The Oliver Arts & Open Press. A novelist and writer, he is the author of A Nation Gone Blind: America in an Age of Simplification and Deceit, and The Skull of Yorick: The Emptiness of American Thinking at a Time of Grave Peril—Studies in the Cover-up of 9/11.

The Boston Unbombing documentary narrator calls the Boston Marathon Bombing a disaster preparedness drill gone live which was carried out by people within various federal and local government agencies that have been involved in running mega-disaster preparedness drills across America for years now. The documentary focuses on the first explosion site near the finish line because of the availability of high quality photographic and video footage. Essentially throughout the whole documentary the explosions are described as pyrotechnic displays. Like many staged events and false flags, a rigorous examination processed through a calm, rational mind can reveal important anomalies. For example, almost 2 hours after the winner crosses the finish line, there is a group of mainstream media cameramen still there eagerly poised. The implication is that they’re in on it. How can that be you ask? Operation Mockingbird is generally defined as a large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that began in the early 1950s attempting to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes.

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