In Other News April 30, 2018


We hear the first part of last week’s second live debate on geoengineering with Dane Wigington and Patrick Wood. One listener wrote an interesting synopsis about the first debate:

It’s interesting how in the first hour, even though Dane & Patrick ended up agreeing on most issues, things grew increasingly acrimonious. Patrick was obviously coming from some kind of libertarian perspective, where gov’t regulation is anathema. The problem is, that mindset doesn’t work when rogue elements are out of control. Plus, he had a much rosier idea of the planet’s ability to self-heal than the facts warrant.

In this special In Other News broadcast we will again engage in rigorous discussion of opposing viewpoints on geoengineering. Dane Wigington will speak with author Patrick Wood who researches the technocratic totalitarianism but consciously omits climate engineering within the belief that climate change data and concerns are not real and that its part of a multi-prong scam. A scam imposed by entities such as the Trilateral Commission and the United Nations that set up the long game now known as Agenda 2030. Dane Wigington will counter with climate change and climate engineering evidence indicating climate change is real, and that climate engineering has been fully deployed – further fueling an overall climate collapse.

What is climate engineering or geoengineering, some define it as the deliberate modification of a planet’s environment by the addition or subtraction of a resource or energy input on a massive scale. Proposed geoengineering projects on Earth, often introduced as a means of combating climate change , have included space mirrors, aluminum or sulfur-spraying in the stratosphere, and oceanic carbon sequestration.

Dane Wigington has a background in solar energy and forestry, he’s a former employee of Bechtel Power Corp and is the lead researcher for Dane focuses on the climate engineering issue and claims available evidence indicates geoengineering has been fully deployed for decades with catastrophic effects. Dane welcome back to the second live geoengineering discussion.

Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda’s 21, and 2030 and the history of Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton. Wood is a leading expert on the elitist Trilateral Commission, and their policies and achievements in creating their self-proclaimed New International Economic Order which is the essence of Sustainable Development on a global scale.

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In Other News April 23, 2018


This Thursday April 26, 3-5PM, there will be a second In Other News special discussing opposing viewpoints on geoengineering live on WBAI. Dane Wigington will speak with author Patrick Wood who researches the technocratic totalitarianism but consciously omits climate engineering within the belief that climate change data and concerns are not real and that its part of a multi-prong scam. A scam imposed by entities such as the Trilateral Commission and the United Nations that set up the long game known as Agenda 2030. Dane Wigington will counter with climate change and climate engineering evidence indicating climate change is real, and that climate engineering has been fully deployed – further fueling an overall climate collapse.

To be clear, you can’t talk technocracy, Agenda 2030 and the Trilateral Commission without mentioning the ongoing real time climate engineering.

In the second hour, Professor Paul Beckwith returns for round two. Professor Paul Beckwith explores the data showing rapidly changing weather patterns. Beckwith said he would look in to Dane’s research on real time climate engineering indicating that ongoing geoengineering programs are a major causal factor related to the accelerating climate disasters and disruptions.. That’s this Thursday April 26, 3-5PM live on WBAI.

In the process of putting this second live on air discussion together I sent out many requests to a variety of scientists and experts on climate change and geoengineering. Most of them declined. But I found it interesting that the scientists who declined such as David Keith and Gernot Wagner at Harvard University or Ken Caldiera at Stanford. These scientists are in a position to knowledgeably speak on geoengineering. You would expect, in a normal world that scientists who work in this field of study, when presented with mountains of evidence that a massive aerosol operation is in full deployment, would stand up and at least present a scientific argument. Instead their tone goes beyond dismissive, mocking and arrogant. Some of them claim they’re receiving death threats from the activists working in the anti-geoengineering communities. I’m not saying people aren’t upset by this group of arrogant scientists but I might suggest that these death threats are a counter measure to discredit anti-geoengineering activists as unstable and dangerous.

So, Wagner immediately departs from the specific topic to mislead and then calls what the Dr. is referring to (ongoing aerosol operations) contrails. Can you now understand why people are upset with David Keith, Ken Caldiera, Gernot Wagner and others?

This atitude isn’t unlike how the medical industry will force doctors to make their patients suffer because while they know the cure to a disease through natural remedy, they’ll instead prescribe a drug. Chanca Piedra, the herb that grows on the side of the road in Mexico breaks up kidney stones at the same time relaxing the muscles surrounding the ureter that involuntarily contract around the stone creating pain. You won’t be told about this miracle herb by the medical industry.

Meanwhile, the geoengineering industry are selling their wares, as the start up businesses focus on their markets and government, military contracts. This, in my opinion is the effort to transition out of the black operations and into the open as so called heroes saving the planet. Remember, that film Geostorm? When Hollywood tries to fictionalizes a so called conspiracy, big plans ahead.

We hear from past interviews on the topic of geoengineering, or climate engineering or the illegal aerosol operations.

Most listeners to this show know that one of the main areas of focus is on weather control technology, geoengineering, and the spraying of aerosolized chemicals into the atmosphere at various altitude. This is in context to the agenda of the climate change slash global warming scandal. Anti-geoengineering activists are not against taking care of the environment, they’re not against designing lifestyles that are more harmonious to natural ecosystems, it’s actually the opposite. As many listeners know, what’s very sneaky here is that the very topic of being environmentally mindful has been hijacked. The anti-geoengineering activists actually care deeply about the health of the environment, that’s why they’ve sounding the alarm about the effects of spraying soft metals into the atmosphere and using electromagnetic technology to heat weather systems. That technology changes weather patterns on a mass scale.

This scam is a critical lynchpin for the surveillance state and its steamrolling ahead under the United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century protocol. Huge climate summits and conferences are convening to that may end with a global carbon tax. This would be a sucker punch to the economies of countries world wide recovering from recessions or austerity. Meanwhile, we are to believe at this point that there is no weather control technology being used, only cloud seeding, that mother nature is dying and retaliating with violent weather, therefore you, the individual will be taxed. As past guest Andrew Hennessey had written – ‘We’ ; have polluted the earth, destroyed our planet, started wars – and ‘WE’ should be punished etc etc. The blame gets laid at the door of ‘We’ the common people. ”

Ignore the thankless work of anti-geoengineering activists across the world who have pushed back against the torrent of well funded propaganda. The amplified voices of trusted experts and scientists betray the public in asserting that the persistent jet trail lines and grid work, compass and square designs in the sky are merely natural condensation trails and to consider otherwise is delusional. Yet, most of us who have looked at the research have seen the patents on this very same technology. We’ve seen the military white papers matching the exact activity witnessed marring the skies. The arrogance of carrying out this operation in full view is almost incomprehensible for some. Recently, Dr. J. Marvin Herndon’s scientific paper on Coal Fly Ash shocked the scientific community and a retaliation is being launched against him. Similar to Dr. Judy Wood, author of Where Did the Towers Go?, Dr. Herndon stood up and did the right thing by using his experience, knowledge and resources to officially determine for all of us that the substance in the rain water samples are matching more than 90 percent the various chemicals in coal fly ash, like a fingerprint.

Sodium fluoride is a highly toxic chemical compound waste by-product from the phosphate fertilizer industry, the aluminum industry and atomic weapons labs. Sodium fluoride is regularly dumped into public drinking water. Experts and doctors say these industries have found it more cost effective to use human beings as filter machines for their hazardous waste, than to properly dispose of the toxic compounds. Yet, to take the coal fly ash from smoke stack scrubbers, aerosolize and spray it into the troposphere appears to most people to be a massive criminal act. Not in the United States, however, the EPA doesn’t list coal fly ash as a toxic substance. Do some research on it. Look up the association on coal fly ash and see how expensive it is to dispose of it, its used in cement, roads, and is sequestered in lined ponds, because its also radioactive. Yet according to real scientific research, its being sprayed in the atmosphere. We listen now to several past guests discussing the topic of weather control, UN Agenda 21 and health effects from atmospheric aerosol operation fallout.

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In Other News April 16, 2018


It was recently reported that the king of overnight radio Art Bell original host of Coast to Coast AM and Dreamland had passed away. Art Bell’s influence was so vast, that it shaped the current paranormal media landscape in this country. I would guess he inspired the hundreds of teams investigating haunted spaces and monster in the woods reality shows. In the mid 90s, Art Bell started opening the phone lines on Halloween nights for ghost stories only. Later, he called it Ghost to Ghost instead of Coast to Coast. Great nighttime radio listening on the AM dial. His books include, The Art of Talk, The Quickening, The Coming Global Superstorm-co authored with Whitley Strieber and The Source, co authored with Brad Steiger.

For a short time In Other News was syndicated on Art Bell’s radio network called Dark Matter. At the time I was producing shows that were more on the fringe. Even though that’s what this show is about you can always push against the fabric of this reality. At the time some of the topics being explored were back drop people, clones, beings that appear human that walk among us, and gangstalking. This caught the attention of the WBAI program director at the time, who didn’t quite understand what the show was about and he basically took the show off the air. Luckily it was returned to air but at 3AM on Fridays. Then after nearly a year it returned to Mondays but at 11PM instead of 10PM. I’m telling you all this because of a show that didn’t air on WBAI during that time. It aired online and on the Dark Matter Radio network.

Earlier this year radio host Sherry Shriner passed away with little acknowledgment. Her last radio show was posted the first week of January 2018. Since 2000 Sherry Shriner was talking about orgonite and how to use it to ward off negative entities, such as demons. She sold it and distributed it around suspected underground bases. Sherry connected the etheric with spirituality. She claimed to have a direct line to God and Lucifer. She was very clear in explaining that all aliens are bad, that they’re fallen angels or demons. There are many abductees who wouldn’t disagree with her. Its not difficult to see how this type of radio was considered too far out on the thin ice.

One topic that Sherry was focusing on before she passed was the death of Kenneka Jenkins. Kenneka was found in dead in a walk in freezer in Rosemont Hotel in Chicago. Not quite the same as Elisa Lam’s case but there is surveillance video of a very disoriented Kenneka wandering the halls and kitchen area of the hotel. This case was on Sherry’s radar for a number of shows. Sherry didn’t do interviews, she was often sandbagged and made fun of. I’m not sure if she was an agent or not. I was told she was but how do you know for sure?

In the spirit of Art Bell and in remembering Sherry Shriner, we hear the interview with Sherry Shriner from 2014. Now, this is back in October of 2014. The massive Climate March had taken place in New York City and I also asked Dane Wigington to be on to talk about his thoughts on how 400 thousand people can ignore the ongoing aerosol operations.

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In Other News April 11, 2018


On this show the topics of healthy boundaries, high character and the human shadow have been examined in depth with guests such as Dr. Paul Dobransky, Paul Levy, Dr. Connie Zweig and Dr. Joe Slate. I’m going to connect these ideas and show you how the healthy mind, body and spirit concept applies directly when assessing the health of a person’s boundary, human energy fields and psychic parasites.

Beginning with boundaries, past guest author and psychiatrist Dr. Paul Dobransky is one of very few who developed a comprehensive visual system to understand and utilize a healthy human boundary and explained that connection to achieving high character. He says your identity in life depends upon learning about boundaries. By doing so, you can learn how to be free from stress and how to command respect.

Essentially, making decisions out of courage, meaning doing the right thing at the time that its needed is making a decision out of courage. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be hypervigilant and run around performing acts of heroism. Being mindful and keeping your word such as showing up at the right time or being prepared for a meeting are some everyday examples. Standing up for yourself in an assertive way and learning how to say “no” are other examples. In our interviews Dr. Paul explained the importance of saying no to maintain healthy boundaries and keep the energy exchange in the win-win category.

Taking lose-win deals will overtime empty your tank of self esteem. Stop taking the lose win deals by answering no to those requests. Saying no is closing the visualized door in your boundary wall. As Dr. Paul describes it, your boundary wall has a door or many doors, but its important to visualize the handle attached on the inside of the door, so you control the opening and closing. When you have control of the door, and only accept win-win deals, in addition to making decisions out of courage you build your self esteem. Your self esteem is a combination of well being and confidence. That’s your gold which Dr. Carl Jung refers to when speaking about the psychological condition of the human shadow.

How can you be free from stress utilizing a healthy boundary? Many who are aware of their shadow issues and potential to lose composure under stress have developed a system of pausing before responding to stimuli. This a similar teaching covered in some martial arts, military and police training. Keeping your composure in a high stress environment is usually a sign of high character. A person with a healthy boundary can choose to respond or not since the handle of the boundary doors are on the inside. Its a simple yet very effective visual tool that can help fortify your self esteem and reduce stress.

Unhealthy boundaries can be full of holes or walled off. A walled off boundary seals up the doors to protect from stimuli such as stress, people or a hostile environment. The impervious boundary is often deployed by those emotionally or psychologically hurt or if someone has experienced loss. In these cases stress can crash through and overwhelm the person. This is often why psychiatrists will prescribe anti-depressants as a temporary fix. while you learn to build a proper boundary. No decisions were being made, therefore self esteem levels remained very low. Low self esteem can result in projecting that loss and hurt onto others. This is also where the shadow manifests creating irrational or unprovoked negative thoughts, lashing out, name calling and violent acts toward others.

We hear part of an interview with Dr. Paul Dobransky speaking about boundaries and psychic vampires.

This is without going deep into the various archetype work that Dr. Paul has written about in his book The King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover. In one interview Dr. Paul was also pointing out how experiencing stress can be very damaging to the point where a regression takes place and the personality can revert to a younger psychological age. This bit of information isn’t very well known. Think about this for a minute, the improvements gained from years of therapy sessions, personal education or various critical life shaping experiences can dissolve when you repeatedly expose your nervous system to stressful thoughts or situations. Protections against this level of stress can occur with a healthy personal boundary.

Low self esteem can also occur from constantly taking lose-lose deals. You’re saying yes to every request that is asked of you. The doors to access your personal gold are left wide open. Another way to think about this condition is that the door handles are wrongly placed on the outside where anyone can open them up, reach in and take what they want. A lot of the time this is done unconsciously. The results are low self esteem, feeling drained, and psychically tired. Psychic fatigue is a mind-body tiredness that past guest Carissa Conti writes about because its usually the result of energy being transferred to a psychic parasite. Past guest Dr. Joe Slate went into detail about this and so did Dr. Paul.

The indigenous wisdom traditions also point out that on the physical level, drugs and alcohol create holes in the human auric field that allow easy access for etheric parasites and psychic vampires. Not unlike how the mountain pine beetle can detect a weak tree to infest, etheric parasites can spot a weak human energy system. Dr. Joe Slate is the author of Psychic Vampires, Protection from Energy Predators and Parasites. He’s a licensed Psychologist with a Ph.D. from the University of Alabama and postdoctoral studies in hypnosis and psychosomatic medicine at the University of California. His research into human energy systems has been funded by the US Army, and the Parapsychology Foundation of New York. Dr. Slate defines the term psychic vampire and its many applications from countries, corporations to the individual.

You notice that Dr. Joe Slate has compassion for the energy parasites because of the energy exchange relativity. The technique he mentions of clasping the hands together is very effective. You can look at as closing the circuit. However, on a deeper level, you become the target of energy vampires and etheric parasites if you’re energy system is running low either from a combination of unhealthy boundaries, a lifetime of lose-lose decisions and the body being nutrionally defiencient.

In past shows, Laura Shapira and Dr. Connie Zweig discussed various aspects of Dr. Carl Jung’s psychological theory of the human shadow as critical components of ourselves to acknowledge because if unrecognized, the human shadow begins to grow and evolve on its own, unconsciously and will usually show up in situations under stress. Dr. Zweig and Laura Schapira describe, is the moment to also recognize some of your own buried treasure. Why is understanding the shadow aspect of your personality important for a healthy human boundary and overall human energy system? If this exploration is suppressed, your hidden treasure could remain buried.

Dr. Connie Zweig, founder of the Center for Shadow-work and Spiritual Counseling of AIWP. She has a doctorate in psychology, two years training at the Los Angeles Jung Institute, and has been in practice for 20 years. Her books include Meeting the Shadow: The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature and Romancing the Shadow: Illuminating the Dark Side of the Soul. Dr. Zweig has come to be known as “The Shadow Expert”: a guide who can go where others fear to tread, into your dark side.

Some people don’t want to talk about evil or even think about evil. Remember Mark Passio’s interview about the new age philosophy of never getting angry. Mark says you need anger for the transmutation process. The human shadow will target those who ignore its ancient psychospiritual disease of the soul. Author Paul Levy calls it Wetiko, its another name for the same affliction of the shadow. His book Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil claims by realizing that we’re all capable of terrible evil unwittingly or not is a beginning to dissolve its strength. Paul had a life changing spiritual awakening and began to recognize the dream like nature of reality.

That was part of an interview with past guest Paul Levy author of Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil. Paul says encoded in the very same affliction that will destroy us from the inside out is a process that can empower and wake us up. But if you can’t recognize that it hides itself rom being seen it will continue to operate in sinister ways. Past guest Professor Eric Larson who gave me his copy of Dispelling Wetiko wrote a powerful essay on this book. The shadow or wetiko doesn’t have power on its own. It operates through the unconscious, the psychic blind spot manifesting as projections. Paul’s research found that Wetiko virus won’t mutate, it forces us to mutate.

Paul Levy is also the author of The Madness of George W. Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis and also Awakened By Darkness: When Evil Becomes Your Father.

In 1917, Dr. Carl Jung wrote the essay “On the Psychology of the Unconscious” about the personal shadow as the other in us. The negative side of the personality, the sum of all unpleasant qualities we like to hide. It embarrasses or shames us. “Everything with a substance casts a shadow, the ego stands to the shadow as light to shade.” Past guest Laurie Schapira is a teacher at the C.G. Jung Institute of New York. She’s also a filmmaker and author of the book, The Cassandra Complex: Living with Disbelief: A Modern Perspective On Hysteria. We talked about how the shadow can manifest on a larger scale.

Boundaries and shadow work also scale up and can apply to businesses, corporations or countries. Dr. Joe Slate said about location being irrelevant? In physics its called the non-local field. There’s no separation anywhere. The 3rd dimensional laws of space and time are transcended, they don’t hold. Everything is connected with everything else. Paul Levy says when we think, that bad guy, that terrorist, etc they’re evil. We’ve fallen under the spell of Wetiko. What Wetiko feeds off of, not only fear but polarization. If we think that someone is evil, etc, that’s the way the Wetiko is hiding within our perception.

When you see that non-local field then you begin to see the dream like nature of reality. You realize we don’t exist in isolation, we’re interdependent with each other. We all exist in this web, this reciprocal, interconnection, when you see that, that’s the snap out of the separate self
the expression out of the realization is compassion. Compassion is the Wetiko dissolver.

Healthy human boundaries opening the doors for win win deals, high character, making decisions out of courage, and an awareness of the human shadow or wetiko, transforming the darkness into gold, are all connected in forming part of the formula in maintaining the human energy system.

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In Other News March 19, 2018

Back we go again into the fringe on the topic of individuals who have captured numerous high quality video footage of Unidentified Flying Objects and more. What makes this next story stand out is that its not unlike the experiences of Damien Nott in Australia or past guest Alison Kruse in Pennsylvania. To summarize, its a situation in which one person continues to witness and capture unknown aircraft in vivid clarity repeatedly over a period of time. Early on, our guest had witnessed a very large flying craft in Salem, Massachusetts. The 1973 event shocked the community and was published in local newspapers. A county employee and various other witnesses described an object flying silently and very slow above homes and country clubs. This event marked the opening chapter for our guest in what was to be an ongoing experience in witnessing and recording some of the best UFO footage released into the public domain. However, you may not of heard about his work. There’s a reason for that. The backbiting, youtube-google censorship, artificial low video counts, interference, personal attacks, pervasive fake UFO videos cluttering the internet, false debunking, trolling, and government monitoring have all contributed to marginalizing and drowning out authentic footage.

Aside from this unfortunate reality, could there a hidden gift in this intentional censorship? Our guest’s youtube handle is whotookmymojo. For this interview, he will go by the first name of Joe. Joe has not only videoed the craft flying and changing shape, but also landing. He also has caught movement inside the ship. A first of its kind.

Here’s a best of the Oregon sightings video

Extreme Movement

A Wow Encounter

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