In Other News April 29, 2016

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We take a look today into collection of coins, stamps, and artifacts amassed by Harry Hubbard. We’ve talked with Harry about his ancient map collections and the artifacts in the southern central Illinois cave known to be the tomb of Alexander the Great and Cleopatra. In a 1997 presentation titled The Dead Sea Scroll Mystery, Who Stole The Lamp? Pass the Hat, Harry Hubbard and his colleage Paul Schaffranke analyze ancient coins, currency, postage and much more including the Dead Sea Scrolls. The presentation raises important questions not only about the source of paper currency in the mid 19th century but of the authenticity of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Harry Hubbard joins us again to cover some of the content in this presentation.

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In Other News April 22, 2016

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We listen to an interview and talk by Terrence Mckenna on UFOs, aliens and archetypes. Terrence Mckenna was an ethnobotanist, a lecturer, and author. He was known as one of the leading authorities on the ontological foundations of shamanism and wrote about psychedelic drugs, shamanism, metaphysics, alchemy, language and the theoretical origins of human consciousness.

I first discovered Terrence Mckenna’s work in 1995. I was helping a friend move a large china cabinet and on the floor behind this piece of furniture was a white cassette. I asked if I could listen to it, she said yes take it. It was her Mom’s. I said thanks. I took it home and pressed play. It was one of Terrence Mckenna’s most psychedelic lectures describing the DMT hallucingenic landscapes of machine like elves bouncing colored balls to each other.

The presentation we’re about listen to is from the television show called Thinking Allowed hosted by Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove. Terrence Mckenna is the guest and its titled Aliens and Archetypes.

Dr.Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD currently serves as Dean of Transformational Psychology at The University of Philosophical Research. His newest book is called The PK Man: A True Story of Mind Over Matter. It is the story of a 20 year field investigation he conducted with a man who had extraordinary psychokinetic/precognitive abilities. From 1988 to 2002, his weekly television program, Thinking Allowed, has been shown throughout North America, consisting of interviews with leading figures in psychology, philosophy, science, health and spirituality. He holds a unique doctoral diploma in parapsychology from the University of California at Berkeley.

The next presentation by Terrence Mckenna is titled Shamanic Approaches to the UFO. This talk was given in November of 1987 at the Angels, Aliens and Archetypes Conference in San Francisco, California. Terrence elaborates on the idea that the skies of Earth are haunted by flying saucers as a response to the collective consciousness being mired in a current paradigm. In the Jungian model of perception is projection, the collective consciousness has prompted  an auto-response by the archetype feminine to the patriarch scientific solar based society

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In Other News April 15, 2016


“Addendum on arc of arches.. the line from Palmyra to NYC has a phi ratio mark at London essentially giving life to this cult of death installation.” – Peter Champoux

On this show we’ve gone in depth about the nature of ley lines and how rituals are conducted at certain energy line anchors to imbue the natural electromagnetic grid intended to effect a society. When a private firm announce it would build one of the largest ferris wheels on Staten Island, past guest Matthew Delooze explained its occult function and how they’re strategically placed in cities across the world. In this case the structure on Staten Island would face the nexus of ley lines that meet somewhere in the middle of the harbor. However, this proposal came a few months after superstorm Sandy ravaged the northeast coast and many New Yorkers questioned the safety of constructing the giant wheel.

In August of 2015, images of endangered animals were projected on to the side of the Empire State Building. The project was sponsored by the Oceanic Preservation Society and Obscura Digital. An image of Kali, known as the Goddess of Time, Change, Power, and Destruction, was also projected, created by artist Android Jones.

If you’ve been listening to this show you’ll know the importance of the Empire State Building within the energy grid. Its one the tallest obelisks in the country and its set on an energy intersection, similar to the Great Pyramid of Giza. The exterior of the building is clad in Indiana limestone panels. Those panels are significant for imbueing consciousness says our returning guest Peter Champoux. Peter says leylines carry a telluric current which is an electromagnetic energy that also fuels human creativity.

New York City and London are highly creative places that have a number of leylines feeding it. However, as we’ve discussed in detail, cell phones, wifi and other microwave interference block the human brain waves from our connection to the natural tellurics.

There’s another effort to imbue significant energy points with a certain consciousness. 28 meter tall 3D printed models of the 2000 year old Temple of Palmyra in Syria also known as the Temple of Baal are to be put on display in London’s Trafalgar Square during UNESCO World Heritage Week starting April 18. Although its been canceled in New York City, initially, a replica of the temple was to be temporaily placed in Times Square, New York City and Leicester Square in London.

Guest – Peter Champoux,  a gaiagrapher (maps the living Earth) and Earth-Keeper. His work brings the individual and community into relationship with our living planet. Discoverer of Earth Rings, he is a leading researcher in the field phenomena of ley lines, earth grids, and natures geometries of scale. Since the 1990s, Peter has turned his originally simple geographic observations into the evolving spriitual art and science of what he terms Gaiagraphy: the patterns of our living, sentient Earth in alignment with each person’s unique path through life. Internationally known as an authority on earth grids, Peter writes on nature’s pattern language; maps, gaiagraphic studies for people, place and purpose.

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In Other News April 1, 2016


Today we look into the mysterious deaths of more than 20 doctors within the last 6 months. Erin Elizabeth, with the website Health Nut News, has been consistently reporting on the cases as they have occurred. A listener and astute observer had forwarded each new unfortunate case to my email as they were reported on. Many of the deaths are unsolved, still under investigation or the facts in the case don’t add up, or the death was officially reported as a suicide, a conclusion of which family and friends strongly disagree. Thirteen of the recently deceased doctors practiced holistic or osteopath medicine. To briefly define the terms, the holistic concept in medical practice upholds that all aspects of people’s needs including psychological, physical and social need to be taken into account during treatment. Osteopath emphasizes the physical manipulation of the body’s muscle tissue and bones. Other areas that some of these doctors were researching or publicly speaking about include anti-vaccine activism, GcMAF an emerging treatment for conditions such as autism and cancer, CBD oil, or treating public drinking water with the waste product known as sodium fluoride.
Guest – John Lordan presents data analysis of unusual and tragic loss within the alternative health medical community. John is a former entertainment technologist for 20th Century Fox, TV Guide and Cirque Du Soleil, John Lordan is now the host of BrainScratch on YouTube’s GeekendorX channel, a show that explores mysterious occurrences and cases where the official explanation just doesn’t seem to fit.

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