In Other News May 24, 2013


Student Science Experiment Finds Plants Won’t Grow Near Wi-Fi Router. Five ninth-grade young women from Denmark recently created a science experiment that is causing a stir in the scientific community. It started with an observation and a question. The girls noticed that if they slept with their mobile phones near their heads at night, they often had difficulty concentrating at school the next day. They wanted to test the effect of a cellphone’s radiation on humans, but their school, Hjallerup School in Denmark, did not have the equipment to handle such an experiment. So the girls designed an experiment that would test the effect of cellphone radiation on a plant instead. The students placed six trays filled with Lepidium sativum, a type of garden cress into a room without radiation, and six trays of the seeds into another room next to two routers that according to the girls calculations, emitted about the same type of radiation as an ordinary cellphone.

Over the next 12 days, the girls observed, measured, weighed and photographed their results. Although by the end of the experiment the results were blatantly obvious — the cress seeds placed near the router had not grown. Many of them were completely dead. While the cress seeds planted in the other room, away from the routers, thrived.
The experiment earned the girls top honors in a regional science competition and the interest of scientists around the world. Teens involved in plants and cellphone experiment, Hjallerup Skole
. We explored specifically the effects of microwave radiation on water. See Dr. Konstantin Korotkov interview.

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In Other News April 30, 2013


Dakota elder Darlene Pipeboy and other Native Americans will be traveling to New York City and attend the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. Native American and indigenous groups meet each year at the UNPFII to discuss social development, culture, the environment, education, health and human rights. At this forum, Darlene will also be discussing the spiritual movement of her people.

Guest –Darlene Pipeboy, activist and retired teacher from the Lake Traverse Reservation, South Dakota.
There is a mountain of data showing the damaging effects of the ongoing aerosol operations. Returning guest Dane Wigington is becoming one of the leading activists against geoengineering and revealing the harmful effects to humans and the ecosystems. Awareness is building within the academic community he says, it’s slow but it’s happening. Also after years of appealing to military whistle-blowers, a former Air Force soldier has confirmed the military’s involvement in atmospheric spraying operations.

Guest – Dane Wigington, former solar power engineer and now runs the site
Listen to Dane’s interview on this youtube post. Thanks to ghombrero.

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In Other News April 22, 2013



UN Agenda 21. Listening back to 2 important interviews with Rosa Koire and Stacy Lynne.
We talked in April about UN Agenda 21 with guest Pauline Cantwell of A World The United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century is a global plan that is creeping into regions of the United States and North America. This is all being done under the guise of environmentalism and the groundwork has been laid down here in the New York City. The use of buzzwords are important. Remember those words we talked about in April, the ones that leave you with that positive, it must be ok feeling? Smart Livable, Walkable. Vibrant. Bikeable. Consensus. Progressive. Community. Diversity. Carbon Footprint. Vision. Green. Stakeholders. Regional Sustainable.
Yet, across the country, individuals are losing their rights to private property, land and water as cities are re-planned for high density, urban development and smart growth. We talk again about the tentacles of ICLEI, the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives, which is tasked with carrying out the goals of UN Agenda 21 locally using tax payer money. What people are taking notice of is how millions in tax payer revenue is being used to fund these plans. People are fighting back says our guest Rosa Koire, author of Behind The Green Mask, but it’s not easy. Rosa talks from experience, she is a forensic commercial real estate appraiser and has gone through massive battles with neighborhood groups, lawsuits against the City of Santa Rosa in the San Francisco Bay Area, and she has been traveling around the country sharing her story. Guest – Rosa Koire is the Executive Director of the Post Sustainability Institute, where she studies the impacts of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development and she runs the website Democrats Against UN Agenda 21.

Investigative journalist Stacy Lynne shares her story in opposing and revealing the ICLEI agenda in her community, the subsequent retaliation and we’ll also focus on the conflict of interest of those involved in the retaliation. As many listeners may know Stacy Lynne had been alerting her community in Ft. Collins, Colorado about ICLEI, International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives for the past 4 years and revealing how large amounts of tax payer money is being spent on the ICLEI programs annually. She points out how ICLEI policy is a path to eliminate individual rights. Stacy Lynne was then retaliated against. Her son’s biological father was awarded custody of their nine year old son through court proceedings wrought with legal breaches. Today we look at those involved in the retaliation and their ties to UN Agenda 21, ICLEI and related subsidized green energy scams.

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