In Other News November 24, 2014


Carissa Conti, author of the book Chasing Phantoms returns to the show for a two part interview on the topic of interference. In past interviews with Carissa we narrowed the focus of her research into conceptual discussions in areas such as back drop people, the nature of reality and the ubiquitous high tech apparatus set up for psychic surveillance. The concept of interference is threaded amid her writing because at the core we’re talking about something manifesting to affect the outcome of how things play out in this realm and time period. There are many subcategories in this topic but we explore with Carissa the various forms interference takes on to affect the individual and also groups. We also discuss manipulated reality and how to recognize it happening. For example, have you had obstacles appear consistently to the point that its absurd while accomplishing an important task? Did you dismiss it as, oh well, that’s life, or that was strange. Carissa’s research into this conceptual realm of interference is not meant to influence people in to becoming paranoid or to take less responsibility in their life. The idea is to learn about the nature of interference and understand that it operates for good and bad. Carissa suggests to learn how to recognize it and respond to it, instead of reacting, or as she mentions, in the spirit of the Toltec religion, “not doing.”

Guest – Carissa Conti, author of the book Chasing Phantoms: Personal experiences, Observations and Theories into the Abduction/Mind Control Phenomenon. It’s partially compiled from years of journal entries and various perspectives describing personal experiences with psychic warfare, dream time programming, military abductions and harassment techniques.

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In Other News November 6, 2014


On this show, we will continue to report on the different facets of weather control engineering, or geoengineering or the aerosol operations, or climate engineering. The sudden awareness to the reality of these operations being conducted in plain sight can be a jarring experience. Many who have had this experience can’t believe how long it took them to finally see it. How can a veil be so strong to hide this reality from good, intelligent, caring humans on this planet?

Guest – Wanda Allen lives in New Hampshire, and she has given a powerful presentation on geoengineering, and its side effects. Wanda continues to fill in missing pieces that some listeners may not have heard about before, such as Monsanto buying Weather Corp.

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In Other News November 1, 2014


We’re going to move a bit further out on the limb in this interview. In the past few years there have been many channels on youtube rising to popularity purporting to reveal humans shape-shifting into creatures with scales and claws, slit pupils, the zebra pattern and many other types anomalies. When you do the research you’ll find that its quite possible more than digital artifacts. Channels such as FrequencyFence who stopped posting for years claimed there were masking programs being used that were failing. Either way, you’ll notice that the individuals shape-shifting are often news anchors, actors and actresses, or politicians. They’re the people often in positions within society to influence public opinion or to make legislation or maybe reaffirm a false story. You’ve heard this before? Yes it reads like a low budget film script. There’s a reason for that as well. You might recall an interview with Carissa Conti who wrote Chasing Phantoms: Personal experiences, Observations and Theories into the Abduction/Mind Control Phenomenon where she described her experiences of being harassed, abducted and interfered with. We’ve also talked about how wireless RF microwave radiation interferes with the human brain frequency, and how a highly organized apparatus is set up around us to monitor the etheric or psychic realm.

Guest – Richard Bruce had received a lot of attention last year when he uploaded a video titled Obama Clear Hand State of the Union 2013. The video shows the president’s hand becoming, transparent while he’s delivering the State of the Union. The video had 300 thousand views very quickly and Richard’s life was never the same. He’s currently homeless and unemployed, living off donations, and experiencing classic harassment and gangstalking techniques. Richard continues to upload shape-shifting reptilian videos, he’s revealed more bizarre anomalies and the harassment constantly occurs.

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In Other News October 7, 2014


Bible Codes Revealed, and Aliens In The Internet are two books by our guest Sherry Shriner. Sherry has created many websites, that can be accessed from The opinions and ideas expressed in this interview are not necessarily those of the host, station or network. With the disclaimer, I want to mention that on this show, we’ve examined many perspectives on orgone energy and orgonite. Sherry describes her interaction with the etheric energy. Sherry Shriner says she’s black listed from talk shows and media outlets because of her orgone war against “them” and it’s effectiveness, and that she exposed their agenda. However, she’s been talking about aliens, ufos, underground bases, fake constellations, satanists among us, for nearly a decade. We also talk about some of the topics we discussed with Eve Lorgen, such as clones, androids and humans not quite being at the top of the food chain.

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In Other News September 29, 2014


PART II – We welcome back author and investigator David McGowan to talk about his book, Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & The Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream. David McGowan briefly spoke about the book in a past interview earlier this year when we were talking about his photographic analysis of the Boston Marathon Bombing. We focus in on the book and the attention it’s suddenly getting from a wide demographic. Weird Scenes reveals some very disturbing elements and connections within the birthplace of the so called hippie movement in Laurel Canyon. The landscape itself is riddled with man-made and natural tunnel systems, some attached to mansions and military installations. However the groundbreaking investigative work from McGowan are the counter culture rock star connections to military families and the United States military machine converging during the anti-war movement. Did all of these components, the anti-war movement, a rock and roll counter culture, military intelligence connections, and more accidentally fall together? McGowen says probably not.

Guest – David McGowen is the author of several books including Programmed to Kill, and Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippy Dream. He’s posted numerous sets of images from the Boston Marathon Bombing with captions describing inconsistencies on his website The Center For An Informed America.

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