In Other News September 24, 2012


A few months ago author and investigative journalist Nick Bryant joined us live in the studio to talk more about his book The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse and Betrayal. Among many revelations, the book exposed the anatomy of a cover-up, and the funding structures of child sex trafficking rings. Today we talk with Dr. Lori Handrahan of American University’s School of International Service and author of many articles including, The Justice Department’s Child Porn Problem and To Catch Government Workers With Ties to Child Porn, Call the IRS. We continue the discussion on investigating child pornography and sex trafficking within the United States government, local, state and federal.
It was only a few years ago that Dr Handrahan’s daughter involved in a nightmare altercation that involved the state of Maine, sex trafficking and a major court battles. We learn more about that and Dr Handrahan’s research into the current stories on sex trafficking, such as the recent Secret Service in Columbia, Pentagon and other government employees watching child porn on government computers and the list goes on. Dr Handrahan says there needs to be not only justice for the children involved but IRS accountability of the billions of dollars pouring through the trafficking industries.

Guest – Dr. Lori Handrahan, is from the London School of Economics’ Sociology and Gender Institute. She holds over twenty years of practitioner work in Central Asia, Asia, Africa and the Balkans, and she has focused on gender-based violence, international human rights, humanitarian response, conflict and post-conflict environments, masculinities and men/boys in development and violence, and gender within UN reform and organizational change. She has served as a UN consultant for UNFPA, UNDP, OCHA, UNHCR and UNICEF. She was UNHCR’s first gender expert in emergency operations in Chad during the Darfur genocide and Regional Gender Advisor for UNHCR in The Balkans. She was lead researcher for CARE’s Girls’ Leadership Assessment in Yemen, UNFPA’s Gender-Based Violence Information Management System pilot in Uganda, and OCHA’s Gender Review. Dr. Handrahan’s first book, Gendering Ethnicity, was published by Routledge in 2001. She is published in peer-review journals such as The International Feminist Journal of Politics and Security Dialogue, has been a guest on CNN, FOX News, CTV and VOA, and has written Op-eds in The New York Times and the Christian Science Monitor.

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In Other News September 17, 2012


The attack on the delicate web of life is reaching a tipping point as daily illegal massive geoengineering spray operations continue in the United States, North and South America, Europe. The spraying operations release nanoparticulates which rain down into eco-systems and alter the chemical balance of agriculture, it also filters the light spectrum from the Sun, it has also impacted human health. The aerosol operations, together with ionospheric heating is the prime source of large scale weather control on this planet. This is the focus of the newly released film Why In The World Are They Spraying? The film is directed, written and produced by Michael Murphy and edited by Barry Kolsky. Again, the film actually teaches you how the aerosols being sprayed in our skies are used with other technologies to control the weather. But it goes further into examining how weather control leverages the ultimate power over food supply and nearly everything else. Screening of Why In The World Are They Spraying: Where: Theater 80 on St. Marks between 1st and 2nd. When: Sunday October 7, 2012 – 3PM

Director, Producer Michael Murphy will be at this screening to introduce the film and take questions. New York and Long Island Skywatch members will also be there. Let’s stand together and build the awareness. Tickets are 10.00. Please help get the word out. Let’s fill the 160 seats.

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In Other News September 11, 2012


Dr. Judy Wood joins us on the week of the 11th anniversary of the criminal attacks on September 11, 2001. We talk today about critical thinking as applied to the events that occurred on September 11, 2001, and how Dr. Wood has pointed out the evidence that many others didn’t see. Why is that?
 Can you learn to analyze visual information this way?

As a former professor of mechanical engineering, Dr Wood has extensive knowledge of the educational system and learning processes. She is self taught and practices the method of defining the problem first before solving it. In the context of her amazing arc of research in the book Where Did The Towers Go? Evidence of Free Energy Technology on 9-11, it is important to determine what happened before going to the next step of how it happened. These steps are done before moving to the next one of determining who did it.

Dr. Wood has mentioned in past lectures and interviews that the public has easily been tricked, hoodwinked because of the lack in problem solving skills. The evidence presented in her book is not hidden, it exists right before us all. Think about that. In past interviews Dr. Wood has mentioned how our problem solving skills and critical thinking have been stunted. This is usually through either bad education or muddled by only training with flash cards and multiple choice testing, where you’re encouraged to pick the answer. You are then trained to cherry-pick what data supports that answer/interpretation.
In the 2 years that Dr. Wood’s book has been published no one has been able to refute the evidence presented in her work. Instead she is ignored or attacked personally.

Dr. Judy Wood:

  • 1. Problem solving
  • 2. Group Think
  • 3. Implication
  • Anyone of (the above) will prevent the person from seeing things before 
  • I saw the building unravel like a sweater. I kept looking around, is something wrong with me. I went up to my office and started making calculations.
  • You’re speculating on what the problem was. . .starting out with the answer and then defining the problem.
  • You end up with biased data collection. Partly human nature.
  • You have to begin with the evidence and let the evidence lead to the conclusions.
  • If its not based on evidence, you don’t get to the answer.
  • They claimed they found aluminum powder and iron oxide in the dust. Well if you 
turn the building into dust in mid air you’re going to get those things in the dust.
  • If you disassociate the steel you end up with a lot iron particles, they rust really 
quickly and you have iron oxide.
  • The towers would look like giant sparklers if a significant amount of thermite was 
  • Define the problem very carefully, get in the habit of defining the problem.
  • The buildings turned to dust in mid air shows that a technology that can do this 
  • There is a technology that exists that can cause matter to turn into dust in mid air.
  • It might help people to compartmentalize. Tune out what other people think. Tune 
out what you think the implications are. Pretend its in an abstract space or a 
movie and just go exploring what the data says.
  • We have evidence that the towers turned to dust.

Guest – Dr. Judy Wood, author and researcher of Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free Energy Technology on 9/11. Dr. Judy D. Wood is a former professor of mechanical engineering with research interests in experimental stress analysis, structural mechanics, optical methods, deformation analysis, and the materials characterization of biomaterials and composite materials. She is a member of the Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM), co-founded SEM’s Biological Systems and Materials Division, and has served on the SEM Composite Materials Technical Division. Dr. Wood received her B.S. (Civil Engineering, 1981) (Structural Engineering), M.S. (Engineering Mechanics (Applied Physics), 1983), and Ph.D. (Materials Engineering Science, 1992) from the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia. Her 500 page book is filled with color photographs, and details piece by piece, evidence that could steer readers back from the conditioning and disinformation we’ve been subjected to since the events on September 11, 2001.
It’s also important to note that Dr Wood’s dissertation involved the development of an experimental method to measure thermal stresses in biomaterial joints. She has taught courses including Experimental Stress Analysis, Engineering Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials (Strength of Materials) Strength of Materials Testing

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In Other News August 27, 2012



In the third of a series about Wilhelm Reich and his work with orgone energy, we follow Reich’s research into UFOs. In the past 2 shows guests Kevin Hinchey and Dr. James Demeo have outlined the basics of orgone energy and also the devices to utilize it. Kevin Hinchey defined orgone energy as the biological energy in living substances, it’s the sexual energies as well as other properties in the human organism and it’s also an atmospheric energy. Dr. Demeo’s work with building cloud busters and relieving droughts demonstrates the powerful dynamic of orgone in the atmosphere.
Reich’s interest and interaction with clouds and UFOs increased as he continued with the drought relief work. In the early 1950s Wilhelm Reich began noticing when he pointed the cloud buster at certain “stars” they would blink out or appear unable to sustain itself in the sky.What was Reich getting close to? and what did he notice about the relationship among UFOs and clouds? Our guest author and researcher Peter Robbins is one of very few people who has written about this area of Reich’s work. Robbins is also co-author, along with Larry Warren, of the British best-seller, Left at East Gate: A First-Hand Account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, Its Cover-Up and Investigation.

Peter Robbins:

  • The use of the cloud buster seemed to attract the activity of UFOs.
  • He observed UFOs over his property in Rangeley, Maine.
  • He aimed the cloud buster at a UFO and it moved. He did it again, it faded, they 
wobbled, some of them disappeared.
  • This is all recorded very scrupulously in his final book, Contact With Space, published a month after his death in 1957.
  • Reich’s entire professional life revolved around a primary interest in how energy functions.
  • The energy of the water literally draws the energy in the atmosphere down toward the pipes.
  • (Note: this is similar to descending passages below pyramids and Wardenclyffe tower)
  • The cloud buster could either create or negate cloud formations.
  • Jerome Eden – follow up on Reich’s work – ufos
  • UFOs tended to destroy humidity in the atmosphere. In a sense brought their own tiny little droughts with them.
  • UFOs also tend to generate their own cloud cover. It seems to be part of their technical abilities.
  • Reich certainly seemed to destabilize them.
  • You read the literature and the witness accounts as something of a battle 
between cloud busters which were trying to increase the humidity.
  • Orgonomists trained by Reich or Baker range in about a dozen worldwide.

Guest – Peter Robbins, an investigative writer, author and activist best known for his UFO related papers, columns, articles, editorials, commentaries, and conference lectures. He’s lectured at international conferences on the scientific discoveries of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, in Ashland Oregon, Niece France, Karavomilos Greece, New York City, and Princeton, New Jersey.

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In Other News August 21, 2012


Dr. James Demeo is one of the top researchers who has utilized and applied Reich’s work in many ways. He studied Earth, atmospheric and environmental / social sciences at Florida International University and the University of Kansas. He also studied graduate level scientific research that focused on Wilhelm Reich’s controversial discoveries. Demeo has built orgone accumulators, cloud busters and much more. He was editor of On Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy and Heretic’s Notebook, plus editor of the journal Pulse of the Planet. We’ll also talk about utilizing Reich’s methods to end drought, diminish wildfires and green deserts.

Dr. James Demeo:

  • The orgone energy accumulator, I like to compare it to a hollow capacitor.
  • If you’re familiar with electronics, capacitors can build up a charge and hold it.
  • It has effects on air, moisture, electrical parameters within the space inside the 
orgone accumulator.
  • It also has biological effects. I did a multi-year study on seed sprouting.
  • We were able to show a systematic 35 percent increase in the growth of 
  • The same part of invigorating quality is imparted to the human if they sit in OEA 
on a regular basis.
  • I built several of them. I wrote the Orgone Accumulator Handbook.
  • Can treat low energy biopathy, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • Most of the physicians that use the Orgone Energy Accumulator in their practice 
are in Europe because of the FDA here in the states, they attack any natural healing method.
  • The feeling I could compare, if you’ve ever gone walking in the great big forests of the western states, redwood forests and these huge trees. On a dry day you go walking through the forests and the trees are radiating an energy, you can feel it.
  • With the cloudbuster, it’s like an antenna grounded in water, it’s made of hollow tubes and it can be pointed in different directions in the sky.
  • When this is done correctly it can create a change in the atmospheric quality.
  • The cohesive quality of clouds is something that’s not talked about too much in meteorology.
  • The clouds that give good rain have like a skin around them.
  • The cloudbuster works at the pre-atomic level before matter exists. It’s 
something that can effect the dynamic of the growth of water droplets in 
the atmosphere.
  • Reich’s work is Galaleian in nature in terms of its scientific breakthroughs.
  • I have a private institute on the west coast. We publish books, offer seminars and 
try to bring this information out to the public. The Orgone Biophysical Research 
Lab in Ashland, Oregon.

Guest – James DeMeo, Ph.D., formally studied the Earth, atmospheric, and environmental/social sciences at Florida International University and the University of Kansas, where he earned his Ph.D. in 1986. At KU, he openly undertook graduate-level natural scientific research specifically focused upon Wilhelm Reich’s controversial discoveries, subjecting those ideas to rigorous testing with positive verification of the original findings. DeMeo has undertaken field research in the arid American Southwest, Egypt, Israel, sub-Saharan Eritrea, and Namibia, Africa. His published works include dozens of articles and compendiums, and several books, including Saharasia and The Orgone Accumulator Handbook. He was editor of On Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy and Heretic’s Notebook, editor of the journal Pulse of the Planet, and co-editor for the German-language compendium Nach Reich: Neue Forschung zur Orgonomie. DeMeo served on the Faculty of Geography at Illinois State University and the University of Miami, and is a former Research Associate of the American College of Orgonomy. He is a member of the American Meteorological Association, Society for Scientific Exploration, Arid Lands Society, Natural Philosophy Alliance, and International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine. He is Director of the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, which he founded in 1978, and in 1994 moved to establish the Greenspring Center high-altitude research facility in the Siskiyou Mountains near to Ashland, Oregon.

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