In Other News December 25, 2012


Early last summer, Dr. Paul Dobransky joined us live in the studio to talk about his visual system to understand and begin to utilize a healthy human boundary. He says your identity in life depends upon learning about boundaries, it’s also connected to learning how to be free from stress and how to command respect. We go in a different direction today and look at the effects of pervasive social media for young people and the psychology of men in context of the recent mass shootings. Late last week, the calls for stricter gun control laws have since dominated the mainstream media narrative but as many listeners know, there is a deeper systemic problem, that transcends guns and even race, it’s connected to men’s psychology according to our returning guest Dr. Paul Dobransky. Dr. Paul points out that the gunmen are always male that rarely have a woman, or romantic interest and work problems or no job at all.

What cultural factors have contributed to these psychological states in young men, whether they are naturally or unnaturally induced. Is there more of a weakness or vulnerability to exploit within the male species or is this a cultural phenomenon? Has our society forsaken the special considerations critical for the development of men and their psychology in these two areas of relationships and work?

There are other factors such as that 14 gunmen of the recent shootings were taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs such as Prozac, Zoloft, Trazodone, or Xanax. Nearly half of the shooters were seeing either a psychiatrist or psychologist.
Guest – Dr. Paul Dobransky is a psychiatrist, author, speaker and runs several websites, and He conducts seminars on dating and relationships with men and women. His system called Mind OS is the starting point for most of clients, and it covers a lot of material. But today we focus in on what contributes to overwhelming stress in young people, and the cultural factors connected to a healthy psychology in men and women.

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In Other News December 17, 2012


This week on In Other News we briefly cover the Stacy Lynne story and rebroadcast a 2008 interview with author/researcher/activist Amy Worthington. Amy is one of the first to write about details of the aerosol operations during the late 90s, sort of before most of us became aware. Recently, Amy has written two very important well researched articles on the physiological hazards of the wireless age, specifically the effects to cellular structure and DNA from cell phone use . Her articles titled Generation X-Ray – Child victims of Technological Abuse, and Microwaves: The Radiation Poisoning of America research and document the studies that you don’t hear about in North America. The reality is that cellphone users in the U.S. and Canada have not been told the truth about the dangers of wireless radiation. Now as most are emotionally addicted to cell phones it could be more difficult to effectively impart this information. There are some eye opening clues in this interview that Amy relays to skywatchers.
Amy Worthington:

  • The Russian government has warned pregnant mothers not to use cell phones.
  • Wireless radiation oscillates cells 2.4 billion cycles per second – breaking DNA.
All 200 types of cancer begin with broken DNA.
  • 24 hours of cell phone use = 1600 chest X-rays.
  • Wireless radiation opens blood/brain barrier, easy access for barium and aluminum.
Quiet build up as wireless technology = surveillance = police state.
  • Sometimes it takes generations to make a difference.


Another big thank you to everyone who made it to Theater 80 on Sunday for the It’s Over Your Head event

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In Other News November 26, 2012


The discussion continues with Professor Eric Larsen, editor and publisher of The Oliver Arts & Open Press. A novelist and writer, he is the author of A Nation Gone Blind: America in an Age of Simplification and Deceit, and The Skull of Yorick: The Emptiness of American Thinking at a Time of Grave Peril—Studies in the Cover-up of 9/11. Professor Larsen published 5 Essays at extensions almost of his recent 2 books. The Essays are – An Important Book For Understanding What Did and What Did Not Happen on 9/11 – Serpent Songs In America – Delusional America and 9/11 – Dr Judy Wood and The Future of the Earth Parts 1 – 5.

Once again Professor Larsen takes on the progressive writers in the mainstream progressive media and exposes the subtle lies and turns of phrase used to lead the reader down the wrong path regarding the content of Dr. Judy Wood’s book, Where Did the Towers Go, Evidence of Directed Free Energy Technology on 9/11.

Professor Larsen has edited Where Did the Towers Go?, he wrote the forward to it, he reviewed it, he also wrote an op-ed piece about the American scientific establishment’s inability to the support it the because of the risk of professional threats against its members if they were to speak out in its favor.

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In Other November 19, 2012


In past shows the topic of men and archetypes has been discussed and recently in an interview with Dr. Paul Dobranski, author King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover in the Opposite Sex: How to Instantly Recognize Your One True Life Partner. After that show, a couple listeners sent a message requesting to have discussions about the feminine archetypes. It’s fortunate that Dr. Carmen Boulter’s book Angels and Archetypes: An Evolutionary Map of Feminine Consciousness has just come back into print. This 1997 publication examines an original system and framework for understanding the mythology of the 22 goddesses and the relevance to modern women. For the past 5000 years, the culture has supported the masculine archetype, and thing are not exactly going in the right direction. Greed is rampant, conspicuous theft, deliberate poisoning in plain sight of the air, food and water. Orwellian nightmares of voting for the labeling of poisoned food.

We talk with Dr Carmen Boulter about the importance of understanding the feminine archetype that exists in psychological structures not only within women but also within men. Professor Eric Larsen’s Fifth and Final Essay, a must read. I think that the fault that the great propaganda machine is still working is our fault. I think that the fault lies with you, me, with us. It lies with us thanks to our impotence-thinking and our impotence- writing, where sounding good passes itself off as doing good. The fault lies with us thanks to our intellectual laziness and to our obscenely bad educations. It lies with us because—Searle was right—we are so logic-challenged that we behave like children and think we’re wizards. It lies with us because we’re really, really bad at science: We don’t understand it, don’t know what it is, don’t know how it works. The fault lies with us because we’re unsophisticated, unobservant, illogical, and unscientific enough to have been played for suckers—first by one side, then by another side, then by a third—for more than a decade, quarreling and fussing among ourselves while our wealth is stolen, our nation dismantled, and our culture turned ever more surely to swill.




On another topic, as you may know, unfortunately WBAI is still not functioning at full capacity. The phones are still down. From the The National Federation of Broadcasters:
Help for WFMU and WBAI. Two NFCB member stations suffered severe damage from Hurricane Sandy, and they could use help from the rest of our community. WFMU and WBAI were both hard hit and insurance will cover little or none of the damage. We have been unable to get a blanket waiver from the FCC so that you could fundraise on your air for them, but there are ways you can help them.

1. Request a waiver from the FCC so that you can devote an hour or a day to fundraising. The instructions are on this page: Scroll down down down until you get to Headlines and then open the first document:
Media Bureau Announces Procedures for Obtaining Commission Approval for NCE Station Fundraising to Aid Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts. Follow the instructions and be very specific.
2. Put a link on your website for each station and suggest that your listeners visit the site to find out how they can help. (You are not violating FCC regulations as long as you are not interrupting your regular programming to fundraise for another nonprofit. An occasional announcement about community radio stations needing help and a reference to your website is not an interruption). WFMU’s site is / WBAI’s is

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