In Other News September 18, 2015


Today we look into the patterns of manipulation within mainstream media print articles through the lens of a very interesting forum called Positive Changes That Are Occurring. Since 2011, the news of birds falling out of the sky, disappearing bees and bee colony collapse, droughts, massive fish die outs, continue to be regularly reported in the corporate owned mainstream press. The second net truth media picks it up the propaganda often with a conspiratorial spin speculating about electromagnetic weapons zapping birds out of the sky and more.

There are substantial reports linking Monsanto’s neonicotinoid pesticides and the death of pollinating insects. However, what’s not often reported are rejuvenation processes in nature such as the return of salmon, water fowl, rodent populations, raptors and the list goes on. This approach in highlighting the positive change is based on the unique work of a person who posts on the site These positive changes are not limited to the increase in the vital flora and fauna, but also in numerous examples of small but significant changes in areas such as raising minimum wage, removing harmful chemicals from processed food, corrupt people being forced to step down from positions of power, people canceling their cable TV, their wireless accounts and reengaging with the physical world.

We’re joined today by Jeff who started Positive Changes That Are Occurring, this post is one of the longest running and can be found on but we start with Dr. Chris Nagy, Director of Research and Land Management at the Mianus River Gorge, Bedford, NY. We talk with him about the Gotham Coyote Project, and reasons for the increase of wildlife within dense urban centers such as New York City.

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